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Generic Name: terazosin (ter AY zo sin)


Brand Names: Hytrin


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Hytrin is a medication commonly used to treat high blood pressure. It can be used alone or along with a combination of other medications. It is also recognized as Terazosin HCL.

How it works


Hytrin belongs to a class of medications known as beta blockers. These medications work by relaxing the blood vessels in your system. This way, blood will be able to flow through more easily.



Hytrin is mainly used by individuals with high blood pressure. When alongside other high blood pressure medications, Hytrin is highly useful in treating this condition. By lowering high blood pressure, this medication decreases your vulnerability towards kidney problems, strokes and heart attacks.


The medication is useful in treating enlarged prostates among men. It is useful in getting rid of kidney stones through urination as well. Hytrin is also used to treat bladder problems in women.




This medication is usually consumed once a day, at bed time. You must take Hytrin by mouth, with or without food. The dosage will be determined according to your medical condition and response to the treatment. If you are consuming this medication for the first time, do not take more than 1mg at the beginning. Since this medication can cause dizziness and fainting at the start, it is important to take your dose at bedtime. Your physician will start the dosage at a low level and will increase it gradually.


In order to experience the best benefits of this medication, you need to take it as regularly as possible. If you keep forgetting your dose, take it at the same time every day. This will help you to remember. If you missed your doses for a few days, you will have to lower the dosage when you restart again.


The medication must be taken regularly in order to experience the best benefits. It is essential for you to continue the treatment even if you feel well. Individuals with high blood pressure usually do not feel sick. If your blood pressure increases or remains the same, inform your healthcare provider.


Side effects


During the treatment period, you may or may not experience the following side effects.


Stuffy nose
Blurred vision


These symptoms are often temporary. However, if they persist longer, make sure to inform your physician.


You are also likely to experience some severe side effects such as:


Irregular heartbeat
Sexual function problems
Swelling of ankles/feet
Unexpected weight gain


At the event of such side effects, you need to get immediate medical attention.




If you wish to remain safe during the treatment period, make sure to follow the precautionary instructions mentioned below.


Inform your doctor if you have any allergies to this medication.
Brief your physician if you have suffered from low blood pressure or certain eye problems in the past.
Do not drive after consuming this drug since it can make you drowsy.
Reduce alcohol consumption.




During the period of pregnancy, take Hytrin only when it is needed.


Since it is not known whether Hytrin passes into breast milk, consult a physician before using this medication before nursing your infant.


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