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Generic Name: indomethacin (in doe METH a sin)


Brand Name: Indocin, Indocin SR, Tivorbex


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This drug is used to treat pain and inflammation that is caused as a result of arthritis and a number of other conditions. This medication is also known as Indomethacin within the medical field.


How it works


As a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication, Indocin works by blocking the substances in the body that are naturally responsible for causing inflammation.




The medication is primarily used in reducing pain, inflammation and joint stiffness that are caused as a result of conditions such as arthritis, gout or tendonitis. It is also used to relieve pain that occurs due to a number of other illnesses. For instance, it is used to reduce pain caused by inflammation in the pouch surrounding the heart.




Indocin is generally consumed twice or thrice a day, by mouth. You must not lie down for at least 10 minutes after taking this drug. If you experience stomach upset due to this medication, you can consume the drug with food.


The dosage will only be determined by a physician. It will be judged according to your age, condition and response to the treatment. Among children, the condition is usually determined by weight. Usually, doctors prescribe a low dose and increase it gradually in order to avoid the risk of stomach bleeding. Therefore, do not increase your dosage without consulting a physician. Doing so or taking the drug for longer than necessary will not increase the effectiveness of the medication.


Among some individuals, it can take around four weeks for the medications to work. If you are taking this medication as a pain reliever, make sure to take at the very first sign of pain. If you consume the medication after the pain worsens, the drug will not prove to be effective.


Side effects


Look out for the following side effects during the course of your treatment.


Upset stomach


Although these symptoms usually go away in a day or two, it is important to call a physician if they continue to persist.
In some rare occasions, you might experience more serious side effects. These include:


Unexplained weight gain
High blood pressure
Difficulty swallowing
Unusual tiredness


If you experience these serious side effects, make sure to refer to a medical specialist immediately.




The easiest way to avoid the side effects of this medication is to follow the safety tips mentioned below.


Drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration, which can cause kidney diseases during the treatment period.
Do not drive after you take your dose since Indocin can make you drowsy.
Avoid using alcohol and tobacco since they can increase the risk of stomach bleeding.
Do not stay out in the sun for too long since this medication can make you more susceptible to sunburns.
Tell your healthcare provider well ahead if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.




If you are a woman of childbearing age, speak to a physician before consuming this medication. If you become pregnant during the course of the treatment, it can affect the health of your baby in certain ways.


If this medication is consumed while breastfeeding, it can lead to negative impacts for the baby. Therefore, it is best to avoid nursing during this period.


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