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Generic Name: verapamil (oral) (ver AP a mil)


Brand Name: Calan, Calan SR, Isoptin SR, Verelan, Verelan PM


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Isoptin is a medication used to treat hypertension. It is also known as Verapamil in the medical industry. This medication can be used with or without other medications.


How it works


Isoptin is a calcium channel blocker. These medications relax the blood vessels in your body. This way, the blood in your system will be able to flow through more easily.




Isoptin is mainly used to treat hypertension. It is also helpful in relieving chest pain, which is commonly known as angina. It can not only reduce the number of angina attacks you experience, but it can improve your ability to exercise as well. This medication is also prescribed to individuals who experience irregular heartbeats.




The dosage must be determined by a physician depending on your medical condition as well as your response to the treatment. You must take this medication on a daily basis, 3-4 times a day. Your physician might prescribe you a different dosage that suits your condition. In this case, stick to the instructions provided by your physician.


When using this medication to treat high blood pressure, it can take more than a week for the medication to work. So, you must not increase the dosage during this time period. If you are making any changes to the dosage or the dose schedule, make sure to consult your healthcare provider first.


You must not terminate the treatment suddenly. If you stop taking the medication all of a sudden, your condition can get worse. If you wish to terminate the treatment, inform your doctor beforehand.


It is important to remember that individuals with hypertension generally do not feel sick. Therefore, you must consume Isoptin even if you feel o0kay. However, if your condition persists or worsens during this time, do not forget to inform your physician.


Side effects


During the treatment period, you are likely to experience a few unpleasant side effects. These include dizziness, slow heartbeat, constipation, nausea, headaches and tiredness. Even though these symptoms do not persist for long, it is important to inform a physician if they get worse with time.


There is also a chance for you to experience some severe side effects such as unexplained weight gain, shortness of breath, unusual tiredness and swelling of ankles and feet.


Even you are unlikely to experience an allergic reaction this medication, inform your doctor if you experience severe dizziness or rashes.


If you do experience such rare side effects, it is essential for you to get immediate medical help.




Make sure to adhere to the precautionary methods listed below.


Do not consume this medication if you are allergic to any of its ingredients.
Do not operate machinery after taking a dose since this drug can make you dizzy.
If you are having a surgery, inform your doctor about all the medications that you are currently consuming.




During the period of pregnancy, Isoptin must only be consumed when it is clearly needed. Do not overuse this medication unnecessarily.


Even though this drug can be passed to an infant via breast milk, it is unlikely to affect the baby. If you are planning to breastfeed your child during the treatment period, consult a physician first.


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