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Generic Name: sitagliptin (SI ta glip tin)


Brand Names: Januvia


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Januvia is a diabetes medication taken orally to treat type 2 diabetes. It is used to control the blood sugar levels of human body by regulating the insulin levels produced after every meal. Januvia may also be used along with other medications recommended for diabetes depending on the medical instructions.


How it works


Januvia is a medication designed to basically decrease the blood sugar levels of human body in two different methods. Januvia belongs to the diabetes medication class called DPP-4 inhibitors, which supports the body to upsurge insulin to make the blood sugar levels steady and lower the sugars generated in the liver. DPP-4 is important as it is a protein that has a significant role to play in glucose metabolism.


When a person consumes a meal or eats something, the blood sugar levels rise and intestinal cells start releasing incretin hormones which result is stimulating pancreatic cells named beta cells. Then insulin will be released and sugar metabolism begins resulting in signaling the liver to halt producing surplus sugar.




As every other medicine, Januvia too should be taken exactly as it is recommended by your medical advisor. The normal dosage of Januvia given to an adult is 100mg per day and it can be taken either with food or without food in accordance with the prescription of your medical advisor.


However, when this medication is recommended along with an insulin secretagogue such as sulfonylurea or directly with insulin, the dose prescribed by doctors is lower to minimize the danger of hypoglycemia.


Side Effects


Januvia may result in different side effects which can be either general or serious. However, every single patient who takes this medicine does not undergo the same side effects and it may vary. Following are the most common and known side effects plus some serious side effects of this medication.


Common Side Effects


Abdominal Pain
Discomforts in Throat and Nose
Back Ache
Joint and Muscle Ache


Serious Side Effects


Ppancreatitis – unusual pain in upper abdomen which keeps on spreading towards your back
Any Abnormality in Heart Beat
Losing Appetite
Difficulties in Breathing
Unusual Weight Gain
Swelling in Body
Infrequent Urination
Serious Skin Rashes




You should not use Januvia, if you;


have type 1 diabetes
have experienced diabetic ketoacidosis
have witnessed any allergies to sitagliptin
have kidney issues
are an alcohol addict
have excess triglycerides
have gallstones
are under 18


In addition to the above conditions, if you are expecting a baby or looking forward to having a baby in the future, you must make your doctor aware of your condition or plans and then it might be necessary to include your name on a Januvia pregnancy registry once you start taking the medication. If you are a breast feeding mom, make sure that you inform it to your doctor.


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