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Generic Name: cephalexin


Brand Names: Keftab


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Keftab is a trade name for cephalexin, an antibiotic that treats various types of bacterial infections.


How It Works


Keftab contains cephalexin as the main active ingredient. Cephalexin is categorized as a cephalosporin antibiotic. These antibiotics kill different strains of bacteria by preventing the bacteria from synthesizing a cell wall. Bacteria require cell walls to survive. When the formation of the wall is compromised by Keftab, the bacteria eventually die, ending the infection. This is similar to how penicillin works.


Cell wall building bacteria are known as Gram positive bacteria. These bacteria can develop drug resistance against cephalosporin antibiotics like Keftab when not used properly. If there’s prolonged and inconsistent exposure to Keftab, the infecting bacteria can produce an enzyme that can break down the medication on a molecular level. Therefore, it’s strongly recommended to use Keftab as directed.




Keftab is prescribed to treat bacterial infections in various parts of the body including skin, middle ear, urinary tract, respiratory tract, bones and joints. Keftab is also effective against the streptococcal strain of bacteria that causes diseases such as rheumatic fever. Do not use Keftab to treat infections of the sinuses not caused by bacteria. Keftab is not effective against viral or fungal infections and should not be used in such situations.




Do not take Keftab unless it’s prescribed by a doctor.


Keftab is available in tablet form or as oral suspension liquid. Your doctor will tell you the correct amount of Keftab to use given the type of infection affecting you.


Keftab tablets or liquid is usually prescribed to be taken two times a day or four times a day. There should be consistent interval s between each dose lasting either 6 hours or 12 hours.


Take Keftab exactly as your doctor prescribes for the treatment to be effective. If any of the instructions for taking Keftab is unclear, ask your doctor or pharmacist for clarification.


Take Keftab the same time each day to keep the drug at a consistent level in your body. Doing so, will also help you remember to take the medication.


You should swallow Keftab tablets whole with a glass of water. Do not break or crush the tablets. Do not split the tablets unless instructed by your doctor.


Use a medical measuring device to take the dosage of Keftab oral suspension exactly. Do not use household utensils.


Side Effects


Certain side effects may occur when taking Keftab, including the following:


Upset stomach
Oral thrush
Vaginal yeast infections


If side effects worsen or last for more than a week, consult a physician immediately.




Do not use Keftab if you are allergic to the active ingredient cephalexin. If you are known to be allergic to other cephalosporin antibiotics or penicillin, you may be allergic to Keftab as well.


Read the label on the packaging to make sure you are not allergic to any of the listed inactive ingredients.


Keftab may not be safe to use if you have a history of kidney disease or intestinal problems like colitis.




Diabetic patients should be aware that liquid Keftab contains sugar.


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