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Generic Name: terbinafine (ter BIN na feen)


Brand Names: LamISIL


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Lamisil is a medication that is typically prescribed to deal with specific types of fungus in the body. It is largely made up of terbinafine hydrochloride. Lamisil can normally be found in quantities of 250mg.

How It Works


Lamisil causes disruptions in the cell membranes of certain types of fungal cells. Cell membranes are quite important in the continued existence of the fungus. This membrane is the part of the cell that is responsible for ensuring that all of the important substances remain in the cell. It also ensures that no external substances disrupt activities taking place inside the cell. When the Lamisil takes effect, the fungal cells are unable to continue maintaining the cell membrane, thus causing these cells to perish.




Lamisil can be used to eliminate different type of fungus although it largely targets those that live in fingernails and toenails. It can also be used against infections in the groin, foot, and ringworm.




There may be certain tests and examinations that need to be conducted before Lamisil can be determined to be safe for a particular patient. Therefore, you are first going to need to speak to a relevant medical specialist before taking Lamisil. Then, conditional to the type of fungal infection, it will be decided what the best course of treatment is. You should only take the medication in quantities that have been verified as being effectual. It is important to continue for the duration that has been planned unless a clinician instructs you to cease treatment.


For infections of the fingernails, the amount is usually 250mg, taken once a day. This should be continued for a duration of six weeks.


For infections plaguing the toenails, the patients should take 250mg each day. This is normally continued for about 12 weeks.


Side Effects


Although the outcome while Lamisil will largely be positive, there is a small chance that there may be certain unfortunate results. These may include but are not limited to:


Slight pain in the stomach area
Elevated amount of acid in stomach
Atypical taste in mouth
Reduced or complete loss in ability to taste
Diminished vision
Struggle to move
Decreased interest in food
Reduced concern with pleasure
Stiffness of the muscles


If you feel as those these problems are becoming worse or if there is no cessation, you should get the necessary diagnosis.




You should take note of all of the ingredients that have been used to produce Lamisil. This will help to avoid a hypersensitive reaction.


It is important that you tell a medical specialist if you have any liver conditions at all. There is a probability that taking Lamisil may exacerbate the situation.


You should also speak with a clinician regarding any prior occurrences of mental issues, weakened immune system, or preexisting autoimmune diseases.




It is usually not advised to take Lamisil if you are in any stage of pregnancy as there is some uncertainty regarding the effects.


There is the propensity for Lamisil to be passed via the process of nursing. Therefore, it may not be safe for those who are breast feeding to use Lamisil.


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