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Generic Name: furosemide (fur OH se mide)


Brand Names: Lasix, Diaqua-2, Lo-Aqua


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This medication is used to decrease the unnecessary fluid in the body. Lasix is also commonly known as Furosemide among professionals.


How it works


Lasix is a form of diuretic medication. In other words, it is a water pill. The specialty of this type of medication is that they influence you to urinate more often. This way, you will be able to get rid of all the extra water and salt in your system.




Lasix is mainly used to decrease the extra fluid (edema) in the body. Edema is caused as a result of a number of conditions such as liver disease, heart failure and kidney disease. This medication can reduce symptoms of edema, which includes shortness of breath as well as swelling in arms, abdomen and legs. Furthermore, this medication can also be used to decrease high levels of calcium in the blood.




This medication is usually taken once or twice a day, by mouth, with or without food. Since this medication can influence you to urinate often, it is best to take it at least four hours before your bedtime. This way, your sleep will not be interrupted.


The dosage will be determined by your physician according to your medical condition, age and response to the treatment. Among children, the dosage is based on weight. When giving this medication to older adults, it is best to start with a low dosage in order to reduce the risk of side effects. Do not make any changes to the dosage under any circumstances. Doing so can make your condition worse or even increase your susceptibility towards the side effects.


Side effects


Once your body begins to adjust to this medication, you might experience certain side effects. These include:


Blurred vision


Moreover, you need to look out for the following serious side effects too.


Unusual dry mouth
Kidney problems
Abdominal pain
Yellowing eyes


Although these symptoms are highly unlike to occur, it is important to be aware of them. If you do experience any of these, make sure to inform your physician immediately.




The best way to reduce the risk of side effects is to follow the necessary precautionary methods. The following are some such precautions which you need to follow.


Before consuming this medication, alert your doctor if you are allergic to this medication or any of its properties.
Inform your doctor about your medical history. You need to tell him or her about your past illnesses, especially if you suffered from liver or kidney problems.
If you have diabetes, consuming this medication can affect your blood sugar levels. So, take regular tests to ensure that your blood sugar level is normal.
This drug can reduce the level of potassium in your body. Therefore, make sure to include potassium-rich foods to your diet.




During the period of pregnancy, this medication must only be taken during situations of utmost importance. Overusing this medication is not healthy for your unborn child.


Since this drug can be passed onto breast milk, your milk production can be affected as a result. Therefore, it is best to avoid consuming Lasix during this time period.


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