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Lasuna is an herbal supplement marketed as a treatment for cardiovascular diseases and a variety of other diseases.


How It Works


Lasuna is an herbal supplement manufactured by Himalaya Wellness. The main ingredient is garlic, the same that is used in cooking. It is supposed to improve cardiac wellness. However, the manufacturer does not specify a mechanism of action for the supplement.




Lasuna is marketed as a product that can treat symptoms and causes of heart disease. The company says garlic in the supplement can treat excess cholesterol in the blood, prevent dyspepsia and flatulence, remove plaque and boost the immune system. The benefits of Lasuna are extended to antifungal and antibacterial properties.


According to the manufacturer, Lasuna normalizes blood sugar levels, maintains healthy plasma lipid levels and boosts platelet function. It is also an agent that can prevent infections. Most of the benefits and reputation of the drug comes from long-held beliefs regarding medicinal properties of garlic that extends back to ancient Indian kingdoms.


While there are a wide range of healing properties attributed to garlic and Lasuna, it should be noted that none of these claims have been backed by clinical research.




Because Lasuna is a herbal supplement, follow the dosage instructions that comes with a packaging. It’s recommended to take a single Lasuna tablet per day. Prolonged use is recommended to get between results.


Lasune is not a medically prescribed drug. You can take it over the counter as you wish.


Lasuna is into recommended for use in children under the age of 14.


It’s recommended to take capsules of Lasuna after meals. You can use a sip of water with the tablet to make it easy to swallow.


It’s important to follow the dosage instructions as detailed on the label. If instructions are unclear, seek clarification with your doctor or pharmacist.


Side Effects


There are no known side effects associated with Lasuna because it is not a medically prescribed medication, there are no known side effects associated with the drug.


However, you may experience unspecified symptoms when you start to use this drug. If you do end up experiencing side effects, immediately inform a doctor. Take a bottle of Lasuna with you when going for a visit.


Lasuna should not cause or exacerbate side effects associated with other medical conditions. If Lasuna is making side effects from another condition worse, immediately seek medical attention.




Lasuna is an herbal supplement with no known clinical proven benefits. Do not take Lasuna as an actually medically prescribed drug to treat heart disease or any other condition.


Herbal supplements may react adversely with other prescription medication you may currently be taking. Therefore, inform your doctor that you are taking Lasuna when being treated for other conditions with drugs.


Do not substitute Lasuna for a clinically proven medication.




Herbal supplements are not entirely harmless. Be well informed before you start using Lasuna.


It’s recommended not to take Lasuna without medical advice.


You must not neglect to take other prescribed medication when using supplements like Lasuna.


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