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Brand Name: Lipothin


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Lipothin (generic name: Fenofibrate), aids in lowering the “bad” cholesterol and fats (e.g. – Triglycerides, LDL) and also in raising the “good” cholesterol (e.g. – HDL) in the blood, with the help of a proper diet.


How It Works


Fenofibrate belongs to a drug group called “Fibrates” and works by increasing the natural substances (enzymes) in your body, which breaks down the fats in the blood. If there are very high triglyceride blood levels in your body this will lower them, which will in turn result in decreasing the risk of pancreatic disease. However, this medicine may not be helpful when it comes to lowering the risk of a stroke or heart attack.




Activities such as consuming a proper low-cholesterol/low-fat diet, exercising, losing weight and quitting smoking will allow Lipothin to work better to control your body’s cholesterol levels, which will result in good health conditions.




The dosage will usually be based on your medical conditions and response to treatments. This medicine should be taken by mouth, generally once daily or otherwise as prescribed by your medical advisor.


It is important to avoid consuming more than necessary and to stick to the proper prescribed amounts at all times in order to get the maximum benefits of this medication. If other drugs like Cholestyramine or Colestipol (bile acid-binding resins) are used by you to lower your cholesterol levels, make sure to take fenofibrate at least one hour before or 4-6 hours after taking them. This will prevent those medications from binding with fenofibrate and allow your body to fully absorb it.


People who have high cholesterol/triglycerides mostly do not feel sick but it is important to continually take this medication for a while as directed by your doctor. Also even with the proper medically advised diet and exercise routines, it might take up to 2 months for the full benefits of this drug to be visible.


Side Effects


Severe side effects are not known to be common when using this drug but if the following do occur, take proper medical advice right away.


Easy bleeding/ bruising
Sudden redness/swelling/pain (usually in the leg)
Signs of an infection (sore throat, fever)
Unusual tiredness
Chest pain
Serious allergic reactions (like itching, rash, dizziness, etc.)


Common side effects might include:


Muscle pain
Tenderness/ weakness
Change in the amount of urine


Contact your doctor/pharmacist accordingly if any of these or any other symptoms not mentioned on this list occurs, persists or worsens.



Make sure to inform your healthcare provider of any allergies you might have, whether it is to the ingredients of Lipothin or any other substance.


If the likes of liver disease (hepatitis, biliary cirrhosis), gallbladder disease, kidney disease or alcohol use are there in your medical history he/she needs to be duly informed about those conditions as well.


Your doctor/dentist should also know about any herbal products or prescription/non-prescription drugs that you are using before having any kind of surgery.




Talk about the risks/benefits of using Fenofibrate with your doctor if you are pregnant as it might be harmful to the unborn baby.


You should do the same if you are breastfeeding too as there might be some risks for the infant if this medicine is passed through breast milk.


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