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Liv 52

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Brand Name: Liv 52


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Liv 52 is an herbal hepatoprotective, which may come in the form or tablets or syrup. If taken as a daily health supplement, Liv 52 can improve digestion and assimilation processes, appetite as well as promote weight gain.


How It Works


The natural ingredients in Liv 52 works to help restore the natural liver functions while reducing drug toxicity effects on the liver; it stimulates the regeneration of liver cells and reducing elevated liver enzymes. The medication also improves digestion and appetite as it controls the basic appetite-satiety rhythm. The following are the therapeutic properties of Liv 52:


Potent hepatoprotective
Digestive stimulant
Hepatocellular regeneration promoter
Haematinic (increases hemoglobin levels)




Doctors may prescribe Liv 52 to treat patients for the following:


Anorexia and when less than optimal growth and weight gain is identified
Can also be used to treat losing appetite during pregnancy
treatment of pre-cirrhotic conditions, viral hepatitis, alcoholic liver disease and early cirrhosis, as well as liver damage due to radiation therapy
Liver disorders, such as fatty liver attendant with protein-energy malnourishment
Prolonged sickness and convalescence as an adjuvant
Hemodialysis as an adjuvant


Liv 52 can also be used in combination with hepatotoxic drugs including, but not limited to, anti-tubercular medicines, statins, chemotherapeutic agents and antiretroviral for the treatment of other related conditions.




Doctors may generally prescribe this medication to be taken two to three times day with meals. Take it with a glass of water, preferably warm as the latter can aid with early absorption of the medicine. However, depending on the condition and symptoms it will be treating, the dose and dosage frequency may vary. Kindly consult a doctor for the recommended dosage, and take the medication exactly as directed. Read the prescription label for detailed information. Despite the natural ingredients, do not take a double dose in the event that you have missed one.


Side Effects


Reports have shown that patients taking Liv 52 do not currently experience any side effects. This is provided that the prescribe dosage is used. In the event that you experience any unusual symptoms, seek medical attention.




Kindly advise your doctor or pharmacists if you are allergic to any type of medications just to double check that it is not present in Liv 52. In the event that you are taking any prescription or nonprescription drugs during the treatment, it is recommended that you keep a 3-hour gap between Liv 52 and the other medication for precautionary purposes. For those who are pregnant or plan to be, or breastfeeding, kindly note that no adverse reactions have been reported when the medication is taken. However, consult your doctor for more information.




You may continue on your regular diet while taking Liv 52. If someone you know has the same symptoms as you do, do not attempt to share the medication without consulting a doctor first. And like any other medical condition, save all your doctor appointments and a list of medications you are taking for future reference and emergencies.


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