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Generic Name: gemfibrozil (jem FYE broe zil)


Brand Name: Lopid


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Lopid, also known as Gemfibrozil, is a drug used among cholesterol patients to reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the body. This medication only works when it is paired with a proper diet plan and regular exercise.


How it works


This drug belongs to a group of medications known as fibrates. These fibrates usually work by decreasing the amount of fat produced in the liver.




Apart from reducing bad cholesterol, Lopid can also increase the good cholesterol in the body. This way, it is able to reduce the occurrence of heart attacks and strokes to a significant degree.




This medication will only work effectively when you follow a proper diet plan and exercise on a regular basis. Taking the medication alone will not prove to be useful. You need to reduce the amount of junk food you eat and start burning calories. Speak to your physician to figure out an appropriate diet and exercise plan for your treatment period.


The medication is usually taken twice a day, by mouth. You can take it thirty minutes before your morning and evening meals. If you are taking other cholesterol pills, make sure to consume Lopid at least an hour before consuming these other tablets.


The dosage can slightly differ in your case. The doctor can change it according to your personal health condition and the way you respond to this treatment. Therefore, do not take a random number of tablets at random times.


In order to experience the best results of this medication, you need to take it regularly. So, you cannot afford to accidently skip your doses. If you have a bad memory, perhaps taking the dose at the same time every day will enable you to take your doses without fail.


Side effects


First of all, consuming this medication can lead to stomach upset and severe abdominal pain. Secondly, consuming this medication can also result in gallstones or liver problems. Some of the common signs of a liver disease are jaundice, stomach pain and dark urine.


Thirdly, consuming this drug can also lead to muscle problems. If you experience unusual tiredness, irregular heartbeat and numbness in your legs and arms, you might be developing muscle problems.


On some rare occasions, you might even develop severe skin allergies to this medication. There is a chance you will experience rashes, itching and swelling.


If you experience any of the above, do not hesitate to contact a medical specialist immediately. You need to reverse these side effects as soon as possible.




If you wish to remain unharmed during the course of the treatment, make sure to follow the instructions given below.


Inform your healthcare provider if you have any allergies to the medication or any of its ingredients.
If you have suffered from a liver or kidney disease in the past, inform your physician well ahead.
Do not take this medication for longer than recommended.




It is not safe to consume this medication during the period of pregnancy. If you realize that you are pregnant, immediately stop using this medication after consulting a doctor.


Although it is not known whether this drug can be passed on through breast milk, it is best to avoid nursing during this treatment period.


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