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Generic Name: metoclopramide (MET oh KLOE pra mide)


Brand Names: Metozolv ODT, Reglan


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Metoclopramide is an oral medication designed to treat particular conditions which arise in the stomach and bowels. It is basically used to treat heartburn resulted by gastro-esophageal reflux when using other medications for different illnesses. This is a short-term medication which can go from 4 to 12 weeks. Metoclopramide supports to enhance muscle contractions of the upper digestive tract which helps increase the frequency of stomach emptying into the bowels.


Metoclopramide can also be used to treat people who undergo delayed gastric emptying with diabetes. It may also be called diabetic gastroparesis that causes different uncomfortable conditions such as heartburn, losing appetite, nausea etc.




You should not use this drug if you are:


Having any allergic indications to metoclopramide
Experience bleeding or obstruction in your abdomen or bowels
Aware that there is a perforation in your bowels or abdomen
Experience epilepsy or any other disorders related to seizure
Suffering from an adrenal gland tumor



Apart from the above conditions, there are many other instances where you have to be well concerned and properly advised by the medical consultants to be safe while using Metoclopramide. Therefore, if you undergo any of the following conditions, make sure that you inform your medical consultant and be well advised to be safe.


If you are a kidney patient
If you have ever suffered from a liver disease such as cirrhosis
If you have a congestive cardiac failure or any complication in heart rhythm
If you have high blood pressure
If you are a breast cancer patient
If you are suffering from Parkinson’s illness
If you are a diabetes patient
If you have any psychological issues




Every person who uses this medication should exactly follow the instructions given by their medical advisor. Usually this medication comes in tablet or liquid forms, which should be taken orally 30 minutes prior to meals and also before going to bed. Usually it is recommended to be taken four times a day and it may vary depending on the instructions of the medical consultants. However, if you are taking the liquid form of metoclopramide, you have to measure the dose using a particular measuring device to make sure that you measure the recommended dose properly. Therefore, avoid using domestic spoons to measure it.


When the disintegrating tablet is used, you should first dry your hands properly and make sure not to take out the tablet from its pack till just before using. Once you remove the tablet from the pack, keep it on your tongue and let the entire tablet dissolve and finally swallow it only with saliva as it is not necessary to use water. If you find the tablet damaged or broken do not use it.


However, the dosage of metoclopramide depends on the body weight of the patient, his or her medical condition and the nature of heartburn occurrence. Therefore, you have to properly take the dosage given by your doctor.


Side Effects


Those who take metoclopramide should make sure that they are concerned about any of the possible side effect of the medication as it may necessary immediate medical care. Following are some of the common side effects of this medication.


Shakes visible in your hands or legs
Unusual muscle movements which are uncontrollable such as eye blinking, frowning, chewing etc.
Losing the balance of your body or abnormal movements of the body
Presence of a mask-like look in the face
Severe fever
Changes in heart beat
Psychological issues
Unusual weight gain or swelling
Changing skin and eye color into yellow


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