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Generic Name: hydrochlorothiazide and amiloride (hy dro klor oh THI a zide and a MIL o ride)


Brand Name: Moduretic 5-50


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Moduretic contains amiloride – a potassium-sparing diuretic and Hydrochlorothiazide – a thiazide diuretic, as main ingredients.


Moduretic’s impact on the body


Diuretics in Moduretic generally work on kidneys and stimulate filtering of salts like Sodium and Potassium more into urine. This also encourages removal of additional water from the blood into urine and reduces pressure within blood vessels by cutting down on the fluid circulated through it.


Diseases treated with Moduretic


Moduretic is used for many diseases including high blood pressure, heart failures and cirrhosis of the liver.


Heart failures can cause breathlessness and swollen ankles due to accumulation of fluid in the lungs and lower limbs of the body that can be removed with diuretics.


As such, it makes the blood circulation easy around the body by relieving the aforementioned symptoms caused due to heart failure. Further, those who suffer from Cirrhosis of the liver can be treated with this medicine to remove additional water accumulation in various body parts such as abdomen or legs.


Usage and dosage instructions


Patients should follow doctor’s advice in taking this medicine. Moduretic is a tablet that can be taken through the mouth with water. In general, this medicine is taken once on a daily basis and mostly in the mornings as diuretics normally encourage increased production of urine, permitting higher frequency of urination that might cause inconveniences to the patients during bedtime.


Side Effects


Following are some of the side effects that can be experienced due to the intake of Moduretic. Side effects can vary depending on the individual and may experience issues beyond the list below. A doctor should be consulted in such situations to reduce the negative impact.


Loss of appetite
Pains in the chest, abdomen and back
Diarrhoea constipation, nausea and vomiting
Emotional issues: confusion, nervousness, restlessness
Sleep disorders such as insomnia
Skin irritations: rash, itching, flushing, sweating
Vertigo/ Spinning sensation
Shortness of breath
Abnormality of the heart rate
Muscle cramps
High Potassium level in the blood (Hyperkalaemia)
Low Sodium level in the blood (Hyponatraemia)
Increase of Uric Acid in the blood (Hyperuricaemia) resulting Kidney issues
Increase of Cholesterol
High frequency of urination




Those who have experienced allergic reactions to the drug and its main ingredients should not use it and seek doctor’s advice instead. If anyone suffers from allergies during use should also discontinue the dosage and go for doctor’s advice immediately.

Those who consume alcohol should take extra care when using this drug as it may reduce blood pressure that can cause dizziness or complete black out.

If you suffer from dizziness as a side effect, extra attention has to be paid when performing certain activities such as driving and operating machinery etc. that need extreme alertness. Make sure you are physically and mentally fit to perform them, as it may risk your life.

Potassium and sodium levels in the blood should be closely monitored and as such, taking regular blood tests is advised.

Potassium intake should be curbed as this drug may increase potassium level in your blood. Extra care should be taken when consuming food with high content of potassium, including potassium supplements.


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