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Generic Name: naltrexone (oral) (nal TREX own)


Brand Name: ReVia


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This medication is used to prevent drug addict from relapsing. This medication is also commonly referred to as Revia.


How it works


Naltrexone belongs to a group of drugs known as antagonists. These medications work in the brain to prevent the effects of opiates. It also reduces the desire to take opiates.




Naltrexone is mainly prescribed to who are suffering from drug addiction. Consuming this medication will prevent them from taking drugs such as opiates. This medication is generally used as a part of a treatment program for drug abuse. This medication must not be used by individuals who are currently taking drugs as it can lead to withdrawal symptoms.




You can consume this medication with or without food, by mouth. If you experience stomach upset, then it is best to take the drug with food. It should be taken 50mg a day. Sometimes, your physician might prescribe you a higher dose depending on the level of your addiction.


You must not have taken any opiates at least six days before you start this medical treatment. Your physician might conduct a urine test to check for opiates in your system. Your physician might prescribe you a lower dosage at first and will increase it gradually in order to reduce the influence of side effects.


You must not increase the dosage or take this medication more than necessary as it can increase your susceptibility to the side effects. It can also result in an overdose. Therefore, if you are making any alterations to the dosage schedule, ensure to notify your doctor well ahead.


In order to experience the best effects of this medication, you need to use it as regularly as possible. Therefore, do not miss your doses under any circumstance.


Side effects


The following are some side effects which you are likely to experience during the course of the treatment.


Trouble sleeping


It is also possible for you to experience certain withdrawal symptoms such as abdominal pain, stomach cramps, restlessness, joint pain, runny nose and muscle aches. If these conditions persist or worsen, make sure to inform your physician immediately.




It is essential for you to follow the instructions given below in order to ensure your own safety during the course of the treatment.


Ensure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients used in this medicine.
Inform your doctor if you have previously suffered from a kidney or liver disease.
Do not drive or operate heavy machinery as this medication can make you dizzy.
Do not consume alcoholic beverages during the course of the treatment.
If you are undergoing a surgery or going to the dentist, notify the doctor that you are using this medication.




If you are planning to use this medicine during the period of pregnancy, make sure to take it only when it is absolutely necessary.


This drug can pass onto infants via breast milk and therefore it can have unpleasant effects on your baby. Therefore, avoid nursing your baby during this period.


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