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When it comes to the use of cigarettes, the substance called nicotine, which is found inside of tobacco is the main reason that turns smoking into an addiction. Nicotniell plays a pivotal role by acting as a replacement for nicotine, which will allow you to eventually quit smoking.


How It Works


It is a big commitment from a patient’s point of view when he/she decides to quit smoking. But usually when you stop it, your body’s nicotine levels will start to quickly drop. This can result in the occurrence of ‘Withdrawal’ symptoms like tobacco craving, nervousness, irritability, concentration difficulties and even headache and weight gain. Nicotinell, used through an inhaler will help you to alleviate these symptoms as well as replace the ‘hand-to-mouth’ smoking habit too.



This medication is a part of the Nicotine replacement products, which falls under a special ‘Stop-Smoking’ program that also includes the likes of behavioral change advice, counseling and support. This medicine will allow you to prevent the adverse causes of smoking such as lung disease, heart disease and cancer and will allow you to live a long, healthy life.




For this medicine to work properly you have to take it using an inhaler. Even though it would be like smoking a cigarette, it does not need to be deeply inhaled like one, for the medication to take effect.


A Nicotinell cartridge needs to be put into the inhaler and you should quickly puff on the mouthpiece for four sessions, each with duration of 5 minutes or continuously for about 20 minutes, to inhale the medication. The medicine tends to work in the mouth and throat instead of the lungs. After using, throw away the cartridge out from the reach of children and pets and when cleaning the mouthpiece you can use water and soap. The likes of Coffee, juices, carbonated drinks, citrus fruit, etc. (Food & drinks that are acidic) should be avoided before using this.


At least 6 cartridges need to be used for the first 3 to 6 weeks, as directed by your physician for this medication to work. The dosage will be gradually decreased by him/her when the medicine starts to take effect properly.


Side Effects


Make sure not to smoke while using this medicine as it might cause severe side effects. Also if the following side effects occur, stop using the medication and inform your doctor/pharmacist immediately.


Mental/mood variations
Itchy/Prickly feel in the hands and feet
Swelling in ankles/feet/hands
Severe dizziness
Chest pain/ fast, irregular heartbeat
Slurred speech
Weakness on one side of the body.


Common, less severe side effects may include:


Sleeping trouble
Headache/ nausea
Throat/tooth/mouth pain
Cough/ runny nose
Heartburn/ hiccups


If these or any other side effects not listed in this list do occur, take advice from your medical practitioner right away.




If you have any allergies to the medicine’s ingredients, your doctor or pharmacist needs to be duly informed before using Nicotinell.


If your medical history includes blood vessel diseases (like Stroke, Raynaud’s disease), breathing problems (like emphysema, asthma), diabetes, heart diseases (like heart attack, chest pain), liver diseases, kidney diseases, seizures or high blood pressure, your pharmacist/doctor should know about them before the use of this medication.


If you are planning on having surgery he/she needs to be informed of the use of this drug or any other prescription/non-prescription drugs.




If you are pregnant, you should try to stop smoking without the aid of this nicotine replacement product if possible as it can be harmful for the unborn baby.


Your doctor should be informed about the use of this drug before breast-feeding too.


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