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Generic Name: nitrofurantoin (NYE troe fue RAN toin)


Brand Names: Furadantin, Macrobid, Macrodantin, Nitro Macro


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Nitrofurantoin is a part of a classification of medicines that are known as antibiotics. Nitrofurantoin is often distributed in quantities of 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg.


How It Works


DNA contains many of the important instructions that allow bacteria to exist and to replicate. This is why Nitrofurantoin is used to concentrate on this aspect of the bacteria. Nitrofurantoin moves into the bacteria and damages the DNA. As the genetic material cannot be accessed, the bacteria are unable to repair the damage that has been done. Furthermore, the bacteria is also prevented from multiplying. The infection is overcome through this manner.




Nitrofurantoin targets the bacteria that causes urinary tract infections.




There are two main types of urinary tract infections. According to the strain that you have and contingent upon the severity, your doctor will advise you about the best dose to take. What is most important with this type of treatment is that you do not cease the ingestion of Nitrofurantoin. It is quite common to feel as though the infection has been overcome due to the lack of symptoms. This does not mean that the infection has been fully taken care of, nonetheless. Stopping Nitrofurantoin too early could cause the UTI to come back. In certain instances, it could even lead to antibiotic resistant bacteria.


The amounts feasible for adults is about 50mg to 100mg a day. This will be need to be consumed four times a day. Depending on the test results, you will have to take Nitrofurantoin for three to seven days.


Children who are more than a month old may be given Nitrofurantoin. For prophylaxis cystitis, the quantity could be about 1mg per kg, divided into two doses. For cystitis, it may be about 5 to7mg per kilo, split into about four doses.


Side Effects


Some of the antagonistic problems you may encounter while taking Nitrofurantoin include:


Loose stools
An excessive amount of gas in the digestive system
Discoloration of the face
Chest discomfort
Hoarse voice due to throat irritation
Difficulty catching your breath
Discomfort either in the muscles or the joints
Onset of swallowing difficulty
Rash on the skin
Difficulties experienced when breathing


Many of these issues may be barely noticeable. If they are causing a considerable amount of discomfort or appear to be exacerbated, you should get some medical attention.




There are several instances where the consumption of Nitrofurantoin could prove to be hazardous:


In the last two to four weeks of your pregnancy
If the child is below the age of one month
Have a reduced production of urine
Advanced kidney disease
Nitrofurantoin related liver disease or jaundice


To make sure that Nitrofurantoin will not cause any unwanted issues, you should inform your attending doctor about:


Vitamin B deficiency
Electrolyte imbalance
Disease that causes you to weaken
G6PD deficiency




You should inquire with a medical expert if Nitrofurantoin is safe to be taken in the earlier stages of your pregnancy.


It is possible for Nitrofurantoin to be passed into breastmilk. Therefore, if taking Nitrofurantoin you should not nurse a child.


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