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Generic Name: ketoconazole (KEE toe KON a zole)


Brand Names: Nizoral


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Nizoral is a branded antifungal and antifungal treatment medication.


How It Works


Nizoral contains an azole antifungal agent known as ketoconazole. This agent can block an enzyme in fungal cells that is crucial to the synthetic of fungal cell membranes. Without a proper cell membrane, the fungal cells die out and are prevented from multiplying.




Nizoral is most popular used to treat dandruff (seborrheic dermatitis) in scalp and skin areas like behind the ear. In addition, Nizoral is also effective in treating fungal infections in toenails or fingernails. Ketoconazole can treat yeast infection or thrush (candidiasis), ringworm, jock itch, athlete’s foot, and tinea versicolor.

Nizoral should only be used in lower dosages. High doses of ketoconazole can severely damage the liver, possibly resulting in death.


A doctor may prescribe Nizoral for purposes other than the ones listed above.




Nizoral can be applied topically, as in a shampoo, or taken orally. Dosage will depend on how to take Nizoral and how it is prescribed to you.


Nizoral shampoo does not have exact dosage recommendations. Apply a small or moderate amount of shampoo on to the scalp as you would with a regular shampoo. Do not use too much liquid as it may cause excessive drying or irritation. Do not regularly use the shampoo either. Carefully read the instructions that come with the shampoo bottle and follow through exactly.


When taking Nizoral in other forms, follow the dosage instructions exactly as prescribed or written in the leaflet provided with the package.


Do not take any form of Nizoral in larger amounts than instructed. Do not use this medication for prolonged periods than recommended either.


Use Nizoral for the recommended length of time without skipping doses for treatment to be effective. Skipping doses may cause the fungal infection to relapse.


Side Effects


Side effects with Nizoral are rare. But beware of following:


General body swelling
Blurred vision
Change in color vision
Difficulty seeing at night
Chest pain
Difficulty swallowing
Fast heartbeat
Hair loss
Burning, itching, tingling numbness or similar sensations on skin
Dark urine


The above side effects do not occur commonly. Therefore, if you experience any of them, immediately contact a doctor.




Do not use Nizoral in any form if you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed on the label.


Nizoral can seriously harm your liver. Therefore, it’s recommended for use if other antifungal medications are not effective.


You may want to be on the lookout for signs of liver damage, such as nausea and upper stomach pain, when taking Nizoral orally.


Ask your doctor if any of the other medications you are currently on may react negatively with Nizoral.




Do not share Nizoral, including shampoo bottles, with other people, even if their symptoms are similar to yours.


When using Nizoral in non-shampoo form, your blood should be tested to check the health of the liver. You must consult with a doctor to perform these tests so you can use Nizoral safely.


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