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Periactin is a sedating antihistamine. The primary ingredient in Periactin is cyproheptadine. Periactin can be taken in tablet form.


How It Works


The immune system begins working the moment a destructive agent enters the body. One of the responses employed is the deployment of a naturally occurring product known as histamines. This binds to histamine receptors that can be found on different cells. Histamines can result in an increase of blood sent to a particular area of the body. Sometimes, however, the immune system will have such a response to an allergen. This is something that the body mistakenly considers to be harmful. To prevent this from taking place, antihistamines are given. These block the actions of the receptors, preventing the binding with the histamines. Therefore, there are no negative responses.




Periactin can be used to treat several of the issues resulting from a hypersensitive reaction to certain substances. This may include the reduction of runny nose, scratching, or sneezing.




Periactin can have a sedative effect once consumed. Due to this, it is important to get the approval of a doctor before you take Periactin. A physician will indicate the ideal amount of Periactin that should be consumed. As mentioned, there are certain atypical effects of taking Periactin. Due to this, you should not tamper with the amount that you have been asked to take. You should always first get the approval of a doctor prior to doing so.


For children ranging from the age of 7 to 14 can be given about two to three amounts of Periactin within the same day. This should not be exceeded by more than four tablets, however.
Adults can take about three doses of Periactin in a day. They should not take more than eight tablets within a single twenty four hour period.


Side Effects


It is possible that you may undergo some additional problems in addition to the curative properties of Periactin. You may notice:


Increased sleepiness
Feeling of spinning
Experiencing fatigue
Feeling of numbness
Increased amounts of perspiration
More frequent urination
Unclear vision
Fluctuations in appetite
Issues with digestion
Problems with bowel movements


If these conditions increase in severity or persist for an extended period, you should be examined by a physician.




For these subsequent issues, Periactin should not be given:


Child below the age of four years
Elderly individuals
Allergy to Periactin or one of its components
Narrow-angle glaucoma
A prostrate that is larger than normal
Difficulties with urination
Asthma attack


To ensure the safeness of consuming Periactin, speak to your clinician if you have:


Elevated blood pressure
Heart disease
Malfunctioning thyroid gland




Researchers are unaware whether Periactin could negatively impact an unborn child. If you are pregnant, you should first discuss the risks involved with taking Periactin with your doctor.


There are no studies that identify Periactin as being able to pass through breast milk. Nonetheless, should it be present in the milk, it could potentially harm a baby. Therefore, it is advised that mothers who are nursing not take Periactin until they are not feeding their child anymore.


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