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Generic Name: promethazine (oral) (pro METH a zeen)


Brand Names: Phenergan


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Phenergan belongs to a family of drugs that have been termed first generation antihistamines. The main component of Phenergan is promethazine HCl. It is administered in doses of 12.5mg or 25mg.


How It Works


Histamines are chemical substances that are found within the human body. They are a vital part of the immune response. When a foreign entity invades the body, the histamines are released as part of a reaction. The role of histamines is to attach to other cells that have histamine receptors and then to then cause an inflammatory reaction. This causes there to be an increase of blood flow to the affected area. A problem arises when your body has an allergic reaction to a harmless body. The histamines mistakenly react, causing all of the issues typically resulting in an allergic reaction. Antihistamines prevent the histamines from attaching to the histamine receptors on the other cells. This effectively prevents the resulting problems.




Phenergan is used to treat the symptoms that manifest due to a hypersensitive reaction. This can include itching, cold-like symptoms, inflammation, and numerous other symptoms. It can also be used to reduce the prevalence of nausea or vomiting, particularly during motion sickness.




Due to certain affects associated with taking Phenergan, it is advised that you do not consume it without first asking a doctor. A physician will be able to tell you about the most effective doses of Phenergan that you will be required to take. To avoid any unpleasant repercussions, you should not consume Phenergan in amounts that are either greater or lower than what your physician has prescribed. If you wish to make any changes to the recommended amount, you should first consult a doctor before doing so.


Phenergan can be taken as an oral tablet, while there are syrups available for children.


In the instance of allergies, Phenergan can be taken orally in amounts of 25mg, before going to bed. Or, it can be divided into three separate quantities of either 6.25 or 12.5g, and taken throughout the day.


To overcome motion sickness, the commended amount is 25mg, taken twice a day. This should be first taken about an hour before travelling and then taken about 12 hours later, if needed.


For children, you can give between 12.5mg and 25mg of Phenergan, twice a day. This amount can be for the tablets or the syrup.

Side Effects


There are certain after effects that may be experienced once individuals begin consuming Phenergan. Some of these may include:


Irritation of the skin
Unusual buzzing sounds in ears
An increased desire to sleep
Presence of welts on the skin
A decrease in energy
A reduction in coordination


If these issues do not go away after a while, it is best to speak to a physician as soon as possible.




Phenergan should not be given to any individual under the age of two.


Avoid taking Phenergan if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients in Phenergan.


Inform a physician if any of these instances apply to you:


Any form of breathing issue, condition, or disorder
Hypersensitivity to sulfites
A compromised immune system
Tremors or seizures
Issues with prostate or urination
Stomach problems
Heart disease
Increased blood pressure
Liver condition
Tumor of the adrenal gland




You should get the advice of a doctor if you are pregnant or want to begin breastfeeding before taking Phenergan.


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