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Pilex is an ayurvedic medication manufactured by Himalaya Herbal Products. It includes herbal and mineral components which promote healthy veins. It is mainly used to treat various anal problems.


How it works


The ingredients used in the medication support the maintenance of venous walls and their functions. These herbs enhance the health of the rectal area by supporting the veins in this area. By increasing the blood circulation in this region, the ingredients are able to support anal functions.




Pilex is mainly used to support the health of the tissues that surround the anal opening. Apart from supporting the venous walls in the rectal area, it also enhances capillary and vein health in the anal passage. Furthermore, this medication is also by individuals with varicose veins or hemorrhoids.




This medication is generally taken once or twice a day, along with meals. It is possible for your healthcare provider to prescribe you a different dosage depending on your medical condition and response to the treatment. Therefore, make sure to adhere to the instructions provided by your physician.


During the course of the treatment, it is essential for you to follow the prescription closely. If you wish to make any alterations to the dose schedule, speak to your physician first. You must not increase the number of tablets you consume. This will not help you to recover soon. It will only lead to an overdose. In the same way, if you are terminating the treatment for any reason, consult a physician first.


If you wish to experience the best results of this medication, you need to take it as regularly as possible. Do not accidently miss or skip your doses. Doing so can affect the effectiveness of the treatment. Make sure to take your doses on time. Taking the doses at the same time every day will prevent you from forgetting your doses.


Side effects


It is quite unlikely to experience any adverse effects to this medication as Pilex is an herbal treatment. However, you must note that misusing this medication can lead to certain unpleasant consequences. If you consume this medication for longer than recommended or more than necessary, it is possible for you to experience certain side effects. Therefore, stick to the prescription provided by your physician at all times. Moreover, if you are allergic to any of the natural ingredients included in the medication, you can get affected as a result.




The following precautionary methods must be followed at all times during the treatment in order to ensure your own health.


Inform your physician about all the medications that you are currently taking.
Make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients used in the medication.
Do not take two doses of Pilex at the same time.




If you are hoping to become pregnant or accident become pregnant during the treatment period, you need to speak with your physician. Although Pilex is an ayurvedic treatment, you need to be absolutely sure that it will not affect your baby’s health.


The same applies for breastfeeding during the treatment period too.


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