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Generic Name: felodipine (fe LOE di peen)


Brand Names: Plendil


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Plendil is a tablet that contains Felodipine – a Calcium channel blocker; hence it is called Felodipine in its generic term as well.


Conditions Treated With Plendil


Plendil is used in treating high blood pressure or hypertension and angina.


Reaction of Plendil on the Body


Felodipine blocks calcium supply to the muscle cells in the blood vessels and relaxes and helps them expand as a result. This eases-up the task for the heart to provide effortless pumping of blood around the body due to smooth circulation. Broadness of blood vessels also enhances oxygen supply to the heart to curb angina – an outcome due to lack of oxygen-rich blood to the heart muscle, which comes by way of a chest pain or discomfort in the chest.


Usage and Dosage Instructions


Plendil is normally taken daily in the morning. Dosage can, nevertheless, be exclusive to the condition treated; hence taking the doctor’s advice is recommended. These tablets should be swallowed with water in full without crushing, breaking or chewing during consumption.

Side Effects


Listed below are the side effects that can be experienced due to usage of Plendil. It should be noted that the diversity and the exclusivity of the side effects depend on the individual’s condition. As such, it’s important to consult with a doctor.


Patients may experience the conditions outlined below particularly at the very early stage of treatment, when the dosage is increased or due to administering of high dosages. Symptoms can be improved after a couple of days.




Apart from the above, the following can also be experienced:


Higher hart rate
Low blood pressure
Rashes or itchiness
Need to urinate often
Joint pains and muscle pains
Oedema: Swelling of ankles due to excessive fluid retention in the body tissues
Pins-and-needles sensations
Disturbances in the gut: Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhoea, Constipation




Plendil can be taken after a light meal or with an empty stomach. Absorption rate of Felopinine can be affected, if taken after a meal high in fat; hence not advised.

Plendil can cause dizziness and fatigue necessitating the patients to be attentive on performing certain activities that may be life-threatening at times such as driving and operating machinery. Monitoring the impact of Plendil on you for a while is important to see how fit and safe you are for such activities.

Dosage must be immediately discontinued, if any new chest pains or worsening of angina is experienced due to usage of this medicine. Continuing use of the drug should be after doctor evaluation.

Plendil should not be used if you are allergic to it.

Angina attacks should not be treated with Plendil as it is not quick enough in its reaction.

Consumption of grapefruit juice during the intake of this medicine may increase Felodipine level in the blood thus may increase the vulnerability for side effects.

Checking the blood pressure on a regular basis is important during treatments and should be done with doctor’s advice.

If you have any other conditions such as liver diseases of congestive heart failure, keep your doctor informed as this may warrant a change of Plendil dosage and other special tests.


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