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Generic Name: prednisone (PRED ni sone)


Brand Names: Rayos, Sterapred


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Prednisone is an artificial variant of the organically occurring compounds corticosteroids. Prednisone can be taken as a tablet. It has strengths varying from 1mg, 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg, 20mg, to 50mg.


How It Works


Corticosteroids help to suppress certain aspects of the immune system. It is especially responsible for the reduction of inflammation that may be caused as a response to the appearance of foreign bodies. By controlling the inflammation, the corticosteroids help to prevent further irritation. The naturally occurring levels are not always sufficient, however. In order to have a more profound impact on the inflammation, there needs to be higher quantities. It is under these circumstances that Prednisone is given. This results in proper suppression of the immune activity.




One of the main problems resulting from adverse reactions to allergens is inflammation. Prednisone is utilized to minimize this effect in the body.




It is always best to make inquiries from a medical specialist before consuming Prednisone. A general practitioner will be the best individual to tell you if Prednisone will have the desired effect for you. They will also be able to identify the most effectual quantities of Prednisone. Altering your prescribed dose of Prednisone could result in diminished or dangerous consequences. As such, you should only make these changes if you have been explicitly told to do so.


To circumvent allergic reactions in children, between 5mg and 60mg can be given in a single day.


Adults are also given between 5mg and 60mg of Prednisone each day.


A doctor or other specialist may decide to divide the overall dose into smaller, equal amounts depending on the total quantity.


Side Effects


During the period of consuming Prednisone and even afterwards, there may be certain issues manifesting. These could either be minor problems that dissipate after a while or may be of greater concern. Some of the more common ones are:


Greater craving for food
Accumulations of fat around the upper portion of the body
Diminishing of hair on the scalp
Increased dryness of the skin on the scalp
Flushed face
Increase in size of the stomach
Presence of red lines around the body
Reduced output of urine
Changes in the heartbeat
Mood swings
Difficulty breathing


If any of these issues cause prolonged discomfort, it is vital that you see a physician.




Prednisone will prove to be harmful to individuals who:


Are allergic to the main ingredient or any of its other components
Have been diagnosed with a fungal infection


Prednisone suppresses the immune responses of the body. This can prove to be quite dangerous in individuals who either prone to infection or may already have contracted an infection. Tell your doctor if either of these apply to you.


Tell a medical specialist if these medical issues may be pertinent to you:


Loose bowel movements caused by an underlying condition
Issues of the kidneys or the liver
Conditions pertaining to the heart
Thyroid problems
Diseases or conditions of the eye
Stomach or muscle disorders
Any issues regarding mental health


These type of steroids may change the way that a child is developing or growing.


Continued use of Prednisone may result in osteoporosis, especially for those who smoke.




Prednisone has shown to produce certain birth defects. Therefore, it may not be suitable for mothers who are expecting. It can also be present in breast milk.


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