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Brand Names: Probolan


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Probolan is a brand name for probenecid, a uric acid reducer used to treat medical conditions like gout.


How It Works


Probolan is classified medically as a uricosuric agent. As such, this medication inhibits kidney function to limit the production of uric acid in urine. Probolan can reduce the production of uric acid by the kidneys and also decrease the reabsorption rate of the acid into urine.




Probolan is used to treat chronic gout and arthritis with gout. Both of these conditions are caused by too much uric acid in the blood. It’s important to note that Probolan does not actually “cure” gout. This medication helps prevent gout attacks with long-term use. Gout attacks will not occur only as long as you take treatment. Probolan may also be prescribed to treat other conditions associated with too much uric acid in the blood.


Probolan is sometimes used to increase the concentration of antibiotics in the body to increase their effectiveness.




Dosage will vary depending on what you are being treated for. Your doctor will prescribe you the correct dose.

Probolan is typically taken two times a day by the mouth. Taking this medication with food or antacids will help reduce an upset stomach.

It’s recommended to drink a full glass of water when taking Probolan. This will help prevent the formation of kidney stones. Those who are on restricted fluid diets must consult with their doctors for further instructions. Your doctor will tell you when to increase or decrease your dosage.


You should not take Probolan when you experiencing severe gout attack. You must wait until the attack passes to take the medication.


Do not change the dosage unless explicitly advised by your doctor.


You may experience more gout attacks than usual when first starting to take Probolan because your body will be removing uric acid.


Do not treat this medication as a pain reliever, because it’s not. Your doctor will prescribe you different medications to manage pain from gout attacks.


Side Effects


Probolan may cause one or several of the following side effects:


Loss of appetite
Sore gums
Frequent urination


Serious side effects include back pain, painful or difficult urination, and change in the usual color of urine.


Immediately inform your doctor is side effects persist or get worse over time.




Do not take Probolan if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the drug.


You should not use this medication if you have a history of low blood cell counts (as in aplastic anemia) and kidney stones.


Tell your doctor if you have ever undergone cancer treatment, have a G6PD enzyme deficiency, peptic ulcer disease, or problems of the kidney like obstruction.




When taking Probolan, you may need to reduce large intakes of vitamin C or ascorbic acid, especially when you are on a limited liquid diet. Vitamic C can cause kidney stones.


You must limit alcohol intake when taking this medication. It’s recommended to fully avoid alcohol intake.


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