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Generic Name: finasteride (fih NAH steh ride)


Brand Names: Propecia, Proscar


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Propecia is a brand name for Finasteride. This drug is used to treat prostatic hyperplasia and hair loss in men.


How It Works


Hair loss in men is linked to increased androgen activity in the scalp. Propecia can block a chemical reaction resulting in a reduction of androgen activity on the scalp. This can reduce or prevent hair loss in men. The same reaction can also prevent the prostate gland from enlarging.




Propecia is typically prescribed to treat male pattern hair loss on the top and back on the scalp. Taking Propecia may help men avoid hair thinning and premature baldness. Propecia may also be used in the treatment of prostatic hyperplasia where a man’s prostrate is larger than normal.




Dosage will be determined by your doctor. Dosage will vary from patient to patient depending on various factors.


You must take Propecia exactly as prescribed by your doctor. Do not take this medication in larger or smaller amounts than directed.


Take your Propecia pills with a full glass of water. You can take Propecia with or without food.


It’s recommended to take Propecia the same time each day. Doing so will help you remember your doses.


You must take this medicine regularly to benefit from its effects.


Propecia is a drug that works only on the long term. You may not notice immediate effects of the drug. It may take up to three months for you to notice benefits of the drug.


Do not stop taking Propecia. You may lose all the hair you gained during the treatment period.


If Propecia does not show any effects when used for 12 months, the medicine will most likely not benefit you any longer. Talk to your doctor about safely stopping Propecia if this is the case.


Side Effects


Propecia may cause the following side effects:


Swelling in hands or feet
Skin rash
Swelling or tenderness in breasts
Feeling like you might pass out
Runny nose
Abnormal ejaculation
Impotence, loss of interest in sex or trouble having an orgasm


Immediately report serious side effects to your doctor. You must seek medical help if side effects do not go away or worsen over time.




Do not take Propecia if you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed on the label. Do not take Propecia if you have ever had a negative reaction to the drug dutasteride (Avodart).


Propecia is exclusively for the use of adult men. Women and children should not consume this drug.


Even if a woman does consume Propecia, exposure to the drug during can cause birth defects. Therefore, it’s recommended for women never to come in contact with this medication.


Propecia may increase the risk for prostate cancer in men.


Do not take Propecia if you have any of the following medical conditions: liver disease, abnormal liver enzymes in tests, prostate cancer, bladder muscle disorders, urethral stricture, or inability to urinate.




You may need to undergo frequent blood tests to make sure Propecia is working safely. Your doctor will conduct tests regularly to make sure you are not at risk for prostate cancer.


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