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Generic Name: ranitidine (ra NI ti deen)


Brand Names: Taladine, Zantac


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Ranitidine is a medication which is used to treat certain stomach conditions such as Zollinger-Ellison syndrome by supporting to reduce the acid quantity produced in the stomach. This is a medication which belongs to a drug group called histamine-2 blockers. This is usually given orally and it prevents sores developing in the stomach or bowels. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is another condition which is treated with Ranitidine.


How It Works


Usually the stomach produces acids to help digest food properly. When the acid increases, it results in different health conditions, which may lead to discomfort such as heartburn, and stomach and bowel ulcers. Therefore, Ranitidine is used to reduce the production of acid in the stomach when too much acid causes above conditions.




Ranitidine should be used as per the instructions given by the medical advisor and you should never exceed or reduce the dosage without professional advice. If you are supposed to use an antacid which helps reduce pain, you should carefully identify the type of the given antacid and follow the advice of your doctor.


The medication should not be damaged, chewed or smashed and do not let is dissolve on tongue. One effervescent tablet which contains 25 milligram should be dissolved in 5 milliliters of water prior to swallowing. If the tablet is 150milligram, the amount of water used to dissolve it is 6 to 8 ounces. Once the entire tablet is dissolved, the mixture should be taken orally.


The medication is usually given twice daily, each dose containing 150 mg or 300 mg once a day at night. It usually needs to take the medicine for 4 to 8 weeks and your medical advisor may ask you to continue it for longer depending on your condition.




There are certain important things that you should be concerned about before taking this medication. If you have experienced acute porphyria, you should inform your doctor before taking this drug. Apart from that, if you have any health issues related to kidneys such as kidney failure, if you are a breast feeding mom or pregnant, you should discuss with your medical advisor and undergo treatments appropriately. Another important thing is, as some of the symptoms of stomach cancer may look similar to the indications of ulcers, you have to pay attention to that as well. One more precaution, you should avoid consuming alcohol if you are a Ranitidine user.


Side Effects


Just as any other medication, ranitidine also causes different side effects in those who use it. The side effects may vary from one patient to another depending on their health conditions. However, there are a few common mild side effects which are manageable while there are a few serious ones which should be immediately treated with proper medical care.


Mild Side Effects


Low Sex Interest
Abdominal Pain


Serious Side Effects


Unusual chest aching
Difficulties in breathing
Changes in heart rate; either too slow or too fast
Blurred vision
Severe fever or headache
Reddish skin


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