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Brand Name: Regenon


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With the generic name of Diethylpropion, Regenon can be used to aid you to lose your weight. This is usually used by significantly overweight people when regular dieting and exercises are not enough for losing weight.


How It Works


Belonging to a group of drugs called ‘sympathomimetic amines’, Regenon helps to decrease one’s appetite, increase the used energy by the body and affect certain parts of the brain. It acts as a suppressant for your appetite, so with the help of this medicine, coupled with a reduced calorie diet and exercise, it will surely allow you to reduce you excess body weight.




The high health risks like heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes caused by obesity can be avoided by the use of diethylpropion. By using it according to the prescribed amounts, you will be able to not only lose weight but also keep it off.




This medication is usually taken by mouth, one hour before meals, 3 times a day or as directed by your medical practitioner. If late-night eating becomes problematic for some, he/she may advice you to take another dose in the evening as well.


It is important to follow the medication according to the doctor’s prescription and it should also be taken each day at the same time so that you won’t forget a dose. The whole pill should be swallowed without chewing/crushing and make sure to avoid taking other appetite suppressants as it might cause unwanted side effects.


After starting this medication, some weight loss will be apparently visible. But if you do not seem to have lost at least 4 pounds within a 4 weeks’ time period, your doctor should be informed about it.

Side Effects


As this medicine might raise your blood pressure, it should be checked regularly. Although serious side effects are rare when using this drug, prompt medical attention will be needed if the following serious effects occur.


Fast/irregular heartbeat
Mental/mood changes
Uncontrolled muscle movement
Severe headache
Vision changes
Decreased ability to exercise


Some less serious effects may include:


Dry mouth
Sleeping difficulties
Nausea/ vomiting/ diarrhea


Your doctor or pharmacist should be quickly informed if any of the above effects or any other effect not mentioned in this list occur.



Inform your pharmacist of any allergic reactions that you might have for the ingredients of Regenon or anything else before using this medicine.


If you have a medical history of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, seizures or kidney problems your doctor should know about them before the use of this drug. As this medicine might cause drowsiness/dizziness, driving or use of machinery should be avoided while you are on medication.


Your medical practitioner should be alerted of the use of this before having any sort of surgery too.




Use this medication only if necessary, when you are pregnant. Because of the possible harmful effects for the unborn baby, the use of this is not recommended for long periods when the baby’s delivery date is near.


The doctor/pharmacist should be informed before breastfeeding as well, as the drug might pass into the infant through breast milk.


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