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Generic Name: sevelamer (se VEL a mer)


Brand Names: Renagel, Renvela


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Renagel is an oral medication that is used to prevent hypocalcaemia in patients with chronic kidney disease. It is a phosphate binder that controls the levels of phosphorous in patients suffering from chronic kidney diseases who are on dialysis.


How It Works


The drug binds to the phosphate in the blood and eliminates it from the body causing reduction of phosphate level in the body and it helps to maintain calcium in normal range. Therefore, it helps prevent the occurrence of hypocalcaemia which is a known complication of chronic kidney disease.




For the patients who are starting a phosphate binder for the first time, dose should be 800mg to 1600mg three times daily. The dose can be increased later according to the serum phosphate level. The dosage totally depends on the conditions of your body and it should be decided by a medical advisor. Therefore, the recommended dose should always be properly followed and you should not exceed or reduce the dose on your own. To recover from your illness, you have to take the medicine for the entire time period as instructed by your doctor.




Medications may always react with your health conditions and result in different effects. Therefore one important thing when you start a medication is to check if you are totally safe after taking the drug. So, before starting this drug you should take precautions as it may cause harmful health issues depending on your medical history. To make sure that there won’t be any harmful effects, you can discuss with your doctor if you have any of the following conditions and start the drug according to the instructions of the doctor.


If you wish to make any changes to your dosage or dose schedule, you must speak with your physician first. Do not make any changes to your dosage without getting proper medical advice. You should inform your doctor:


If you have experienced allergies to Renagel
If you have bowel obstruction
If you have a difficulty in swallowing
If you are suffering from severe constipation
If you have had an intestinal surgery recently
If you are expecting a baby or planning to have a baby in the future
If you are currently a breast feeding mom


Side Effects


As any medication may result in different outcomes, Renagel too has its own side effects. Its effects may vary. Some people may experience a few mild effects which are not very serious. Depending on the side effect’s seriousness you can decide either to manage with minor remedies or to go for immediate medications under a medical advisor. However if you notice a severe side effect such as breathing difficulty, you should instantly stop taking the drug and contact your medical consultant to be properly advised.


Minor Side Effects


Abdominal pain
Losing appetite;
Discomforts in stomach
Feeling of gas or bloating in stomach
Feeling Tired
Aching Joints


Serious Side Effects


Choking or Swallowing Difficulties
Blackish Tarry Stool or Bloody Stools
Severe Constipation with Abdominal Pain
Constipation that Continues and Gets Worsen Gradually
Severe Vomiting
Allergic Reactions Such as Rashes or Hives


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