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Retin A is medication primarily taken for the treatment of acne. This works by affecting the growth of particular cells. This is a type of Vitamin A that helps the skin renew itself and as a result makes your skin healthier and prettier. This medication is recommended only for severe cases of acne. Medications such as these are also used to treat different skin cancers.

How it works


Tretinoin belongs to a class of medication called retinoids. Retin-A falls under Vitamin A drugs.


The mechanism of tretinoin in the case of skin in a molecular level is that it decreases the epithelial cells in hair follicles to stick together as a result causing fewer black heads.


Retinoids unclog several pores in your face, in return allowing the creams and gels that you use to work better on your face. How they decrease acne is by clearing out the dead cells from clogging pores, reducing the outbreak of acne.




Retin-A is used to treat acne, prevent or get rid of wrinkles, improve the appearance of skin and skin discoloration.




Use Retin-A exactly how the doctor prescribed it to you. Follow the directions clearly and do not use any more or less than you’re supposed to. Wash your hands before applying this medication.


Retin-A must be applied to the acne prone areas of your face, once a day, daily, right before you go to bed. You are supposed to apply a thin layer since applying more than recommended in no way helps reduce the acne.


Clean your face and wait 20 minutes before application.


Discontinue use if you get an itchy or burning feeling.


Initially, it may seem as if your acne is worsening, but this is just the medication working on the acne that is currently forming. You’ll see results only after 8 to 12 weeks.


Side effects


Some of the common side effects are as follows;


Burning and stinging skin
Lightening of skin
Peeling of the skin
Redness of the skin
Dryness of the skin
Warm skin
Darkening of treated skin (rare)


Symptoms of an allergic reaction include;


Itching and swelling
Trouble breathing
Severe dizziness




Avoid getting this medication in your eyes, if contact with eyes occur, immediately rinse your eyes.


Let your pharmacist and doctor know if you’re allergic to any Vitamin A medication or any other medication, as this may contain inactive ingredients that could cause severe allergic reactions.


Retin-A will make your skin sensitive to sunlight, so when using Retin-A it’s advisable to avoid the sun or exposure to artificial UV rays. Use a sunscreen and skin protection if you’re going out.


You have to inform your doctor on your medical history, especially if you’ve previously had eczema.


Avoid applying this on wounds.



It is unknown whether Retin-A causes birth defects in pregnant women. However, as this medication is absorbed by the skin, it may harm an unborn baby; thus, it’s advised to avoid this medication if you are pregnant. It is also unknown if this medication is safe for nursing mothers.


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