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Retino-A Cream

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Brand Name: Retino-A Cream


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Retino A cream is used to treat acne vulgaris and is also used to reduce the visible signs of aging. It promotes new skin from forming.


How it works


This cream is used mainly for the treatment of acne. Acne forms when the sebaceous glands are stimulated, as a result of hormones during puberty.


This in turn causes the pores to get clogged by dead skin cells, and therefore leads to the formation of pimples.


Tretinoin gets rid of pimples by blocking the hardening process of the outer skin layer, and increases the shedding of the older skin. In return, reducing the outbreak of new pimples by clearing up blemishes and speeding up the skin turnover.




This retinoid medication is used fundamentally to treat acne and similar skin conditions. When you use this cream, your skin is expected to clear out and allows the quick healing of acne.




This cream should be applied to the affected areas of your skin, daily. The most suitable time to do this would be right before you go to bed. Clean your skin with a very mild soap or cleanser before application and apply a small amount with your clean fingers and rub gently.


Do not use more than the recommended amount of product as this will not result in your skin clearing up again.


Make sure you use this cream every other night and do not stop use halfway, as your skin needs to get used to treatment.


Side effects


Some of the more common side effects of this cream include;


Burning feeling
Severe stinging of skin
Lightening of skin of treated area
Peeling of skin
Redness of skin
Unusual dryness of the skin
Tingling of the skin


Listed above are the more common side effects that one might experience after current application, and you may not need medical attention. This side effects usually disappear once your skin adjusts to the new treatment.




If you are allergic to tretinoin or any other compound found in the cream, do not use this treatment. This product may contain active ingredients that you might react badly with. Let your doctor and pharmacist know if you are on any other medication, as this might also make way for bad reactions.


Do not use Retino-A cream if you have any of the following;


If you have eczema, as the products in this cream can cause severe irritation on individuals that suffer from eczema.
Have a family history of cutaneous epithelioma (or even personal history)
Are using any other topical skin medication that contains sulphur, salicylic acid or resorcinol.
Have a skin condition such as; perioral dermatitis or rosacea
Are exposed to the sunlight for a very long time



It is not known whether this product could pass onto breast milk or whether it could harm an unborn baby.


Tretinoin tends to be slight dangerous to pregnant women, so it’s advisable to not use this while you are pregnant. Consult your doctor for more information and advice.


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