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Generic Name: calcitriol (vitamin D3) (kal si TRYE ol)


Brand Name: Rocaltrol


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Rocaltrol is medication which is a synthetic form of the naturally occurring Vitamin D. The primary ingredient of Rocaltrol is calcitriol. It is available as an oral solution as well as in capsule form.


How it works


When Vitamin D is absorbed or consumed, it is converted to calcitriol in the kidneys. The calcitriol then functions as a hormone within the body. It is responsible for several tasks including managing the absorption of calcium and phosphate from the gut, maintaining these levels in the blood, and controlling bone turnover.


Compromised kidneys are unable to undergo this process, resulting in issues related to calcium, phosphate, and the bones. Rocaltrol is introduced into the system to overcome this lack of calcitriol and to restore normal functioning.



Rocaltrol is largely given to individuals who are suffering from renal failure or who are undergoing frequent dialysis. It is also administered to those with various forms of hypothyroidism.




Prior to taking Rocaltrol, you will first need to be examined by a general practitioner. The ideal amount of Rocaltrol differs from person to person. Therefore, a physician is required to determine what this is. Regardless of the amount that you are prescribed, you should not make any changes to this dosage. If you feel as though the quantity needs to be altered in any way, you will first need to consult with a physician.


To start with, all individuals must be given the lowest possible amount of Rocaltrol. This is typically 0.25mcg a day. If the required response cannot be observed, this quantity can be increased. However, it should only be increased by 0.25mg each day, at four to eight week intervals.


It is essential that individuals taking Rocaltrol also maintain an appropriate calcium intake. This can range from 600mg to 1200mg, depending on the patient. In the initial stages of treatment, patients will need to have their calcium levels checked about two times a week.


Typically, children do not need to be given Rocaltrol in amounts exceeding 0.75mcg.


Children over the age of six and adults usually do not require doses greater than 2mcg.


Side effects


There may be certain additional effects as a result of taking Rocaltrol. This is not a comprehensive list:


Feeling weak
Dry Mouth
Metallic taste in mouth
Bone pain
Muscle discomfort
Greater urine output
Increased thirst
Loss of appetite
Reduced weight


If these or other problems appear, it is best to get examined by a physician.



You should not take Rocaltrol if you have previously experienced a sensitivity to this medication.


Avoid consuming mineral oil or antacids containing magnesium as this can minimize the effect of Rocaltrol


Tell your general practitioner of all of the medications you may be taking. Some of them may not react well when taken with Rocaltrol. It is especially important to tell them if you are taking a phosphate binding medicine.


You will need to inform your physician if:


Have any problems with your heart
A high phosphate level
Blood vessel issues including the hardening of arteries
Kidney conditions including kidney stones




If you are an expectant mother, you will need to know whether it is safe for you to take Rocaltrol. It is not advised for breastfeeding women to take Rocaltrol.


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