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Roxithromycin is an antibiotic medication used to treat respiratory tract infections.


How It Works


Roxithromycin belongs to a class of drugs known as semi-synthetic macrolide antibiotics. These types of antibiotics can interfere with the protein synthesis of bacterial cells infecting the body.


When the bacteria lack the ability to synthesize essential protein, the cells are unable to reproduce and multiply. This causes the infection to stop from spreading, allowing the immune system to attack and kill the bacteria.


Roxithromycin is known to be particularly effective against certain types of Gram-negative (cell wall lacking) bacteria like Legionella pneumophila.




Roxithromycin is commonly prescribed to treat bacterial infections in the respiratory tract, lungs, urinary tract and in the soft tissue parts of the body. It’s usually used to treat infection on the skin and pneumonia caused by microplasma bacteria.


Roxithromycin is not effective against viral and fungal infections and should not be used in such cases.




There is not set dosage of Roxithromycin. Dosage will depend on the unique medical conditions faced by individual patients.


A doctor will first assess your medical condition and run a lab test to be certain that your infection is caused by bacteria. Then, the doctor will take into account your age, body weight, severity of the infection, among other factors, and prescribe a dose.


Roxithromycin doses are prescribed to be taken several times, commonly twice, per day. You will need to maintain even intervals between doses to maintaining a consistent amount of Roxithromycin in the body.


Roxithromycin is available as tablets that should be swallowed whole without chewing, crushing, splitting or breaking.


Ask your doctor if it’s all right to take Roxithromycin with food. The presence of food in the stomach when taking Roxithromycin causes the medicine to be absorbed rapidly into the body.


Before using Roxithromycin, read the patient information leaflet provided with the packaging thoroughly.


Avoid changing your Roxithromycin dose without a doctor’s advice. If you are experiencing severe side effects, inform your doctor first to adjust the dose.


Side Effects


Roxithromycin may cause the following side effects:


Abdominal pain
Dizziness or vertigo (rarely)
Rashes (rarely)


Side effects other than the ones listed above may occur.


It’s natural for some side effects to occur when taking a new antibiotic for the first time. These side effects should disappear in a handful of days. However, if side effects persist or gradually gets worse, immediately seek medical care.




You should only take Roxithromycin if you are not allergic to any of the ingredients in the drug. If you are allergic to other similar antibiotics, you may be allergic to Roxithromycin as well.


Certain medical conditions, such as liver or kidney disease, may make Roxithromycin unsafe to use. Tell your doctor about past medical history to know for sure Roxithromycin is safe to use.


Do not take other medications, prescription or otherwise, when taking Roxithromycin without informing your doctor.




Stay hydrated if Roxithromycin causes vomiting or diarrhea.


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