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Rumalaya Liniment

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Brand Names: Rumalaya Liniment


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This is a polyherbal formulation which is used to treat pain and inflammation that occurs as a result of musculoskeletal inflammatory disorders.


How it works


As this medication is used in the form of liniment, it offers deeper penetration which enables it to exert anti-inflmmatory and rubiefacient actions. The medication is effective due to the usefulness of the various natural properties used. This includes natural ingredients used as Sarala and Gandhapura taila, which are popularly known for their analgesic properties. This medication destroys the chemical mediators of pain and thereby provides quick pain relief.




The medication is mainly applied to treat pain and inflammation that occurs due to various musculoskeletal inflammatory conditions.




Before applying this medication, it is highly important for you to clean the affected area. You must pour the right amount of liniment on the affected area. It is essential for you to massage this area in order for the liniment to be absorbed properly. Generally this medication is applied two or three times a day. However, it is possible for you to apply it more than three times if you are experiencing severe pain. During such circumstances, it is important for you to speak to a physician before making any decisions.


After applying this medication, make sure to wash your hands properly. Once the liniment is applied, it is important for you to keep the affected area dry. You must not take a bath or shower at least for a few hours once this ointment has been applied.


If you wish to apply more oil for pain relief, you need to speak to your healthcare provider first. Do not increase the amount of oil you apply or apply it more than necessary without speaking to a physician. Doing so can lead to unpleasant consequences.


Side effects


As Rumalaya liniment is a natural medication, the chances of experiencing side effects are quite low. However, it is possible for you to experience certain unpleasant side effects if you apply this medication too much. Therefore, always stick to the prescription provided by your physician. If the medication gets under your skin, it can cause adverse reactions. Therefore, do not apply this medication too much or too often.




Make sure to adhere to the following instructions when using this medication.


Ensure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients used in this medication.
Keep the ointment away from your eyes. Do not apply this medication in this region.
Do not apply this medication on lesions or open wounds.
Inform your physician if you wish to make any changes to the treatment.




It is possible for you to use this medication during the period of pregnancy as Rumalaya liniment is a natural medication. However, it is best to discuss this matter with a physician first just to be safe.


If you wish to breastfeed your infant during the treatment period, you need to consult your healthcare provider. He or she will ensure whether it is safe for you to use this medication while nursing an infant.


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