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Generic Name: fluoxetine (floo OX e teen)


Brand Name: PROzac, PROzac Weekly, Sarafem


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Sarafem is a medication used to treat a number of psychological disorders including depression. This medication is more commonly known as fluoxetine in the medical industry.


How it works


Sarafem belongs to a group of drugs known as SSRIs. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors work by increasing the amount of serotonin in the brain. Since most mood disorders are caused by low serotonin levels, this is highly effective.




Sarafem is used to treat multiple psychological conditions such as depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic attacks, bulimia and a severe version of premenstrual syndrome. This medication can increase the quality of your sleep, appetite and energy levels to a great degree. It is useful in treating premenstrual symptoms such as increased appetite, irritability and depression. It is used to reduce binging and purging among individuals with bulimia as well. Furthermore, this medication is useful in treating hot flashes that occur during menopause.




Since this medication is used to treat a wide range of medical conditions, the dosage and dose schedule will vary according to your medical condition. If you are using the medication to treat premenstrual problems, you need to take this drug either every day of the month or every day for two weeks before the menstrual cycle.


If you are using this medication in the liquid form, it is highly important for you to use a proper measuring spoon to measure the dosage. You cannot use a household spoon since it will not allow you to measure the dosage correctly.


This medication is generally consumed once daily, by mouth, in the morning. However, if your physician prescribes you to take this medication twice a day, you will have to take it in the morning and afternoon. If the condition worsens or persists after the prescribed period, immediately inform your physician.


Side effects


Even though this medication is highly useful, it can also lead to some unpleasant side effects such as:


Loss of appetite
Trouble sleeping


If these side effects do not go away within a day or two, you need to inform your physician immediately.



It is essential for you to adhere to the precautionary instructions provided by your physician. So, make sure to follow the safety tips given below.


Ensure that you are not allergic to any of the active ingredients used in this medication.
If you have a history of bipolar disorder, inform your physician beforehand.
Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration since Sarafem is a diuretic medication.
Do not drive or operate heavy machinery as this medication can make you dizzy and drowsy.
You must not consume alcohol since it can increase the risk of certain side effects.




Mental problems such as depression are quite serious. Therefore, it is not recommended for you to stop this treatment under any circumstance. So, if you become pregnant during the treatment period, immediately inform your physician and wait for instructions.


This medication can be passed on to babies through breast milk and it can also affect infants negatively. For that reason, it is best to stop nursing while consuming this drug.


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