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Brand Name: Sildalis


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This is a drug used by men to treat erectile dysfunction. The two main active ingredients in this medication are – sildenafil and tadalafil.


How it works


This medication works by relaxing the muscles of the blood vessels in the genital area. This in turn increases the blood flow to the penis and thereby enables you to maintain an erection for a longer time.




This medication is primarily used to treat male impotence. Consuming this medication will enable you to engage in sexual activity for a longer period while as you will be able to maintain an erection without any problem.




You must only consume this medication once a day. It is best to stick to one tablet a day unless your physician prescribed you to do otherwise. Sometimes, your healthcare provider might give a different dosage in order to suit the medication to your condition. You must not use this medication more than necessary or for longer than recommended. Remember that taking more tablets will not enhance the effectiveness of the medication. It will only make you susceptible to certain side effects such as vomiting and allergies.


Since it is possible to experience an overdose quite easily, you must stick to the instructions in the prescription at all times. If you wish to make any alterations to the dosage or schedule, make sure to consult your physician first.


It is best to consume this medication without food. You must take the drug at least 30 minutes before you engage in sexual activity. Do not consume any fatty foods before taking this medication since it can slow down the absorption.


It is safe for you to consume alcohol during the treatment period. However, you must not consume too much as it can lead to intoxication. This can not only affect the effectiveness of the medication but can also lead to medical complications.


Side effects


During the treatment, you are likely to experience a number of side effects. The following are some of them.


Pain in the back
Pain in the chest


Sometimes, it is possible for you to experience pain in the penis due to a prolonged erection. If you do experience these symptoms, you need to stop engaging in sexual intercourse temporarily. Inform your physician and follow his or her advice.




Make sure to adhere to the following safety instructions during the treatment period to ensure your own safety.


Do not consume alcohol during the treatment period as it can tamper with the effectiveness of the medication.
Make sure that you are not allergic to the ingredients of this medication.
Use this medication once in two days.
If you have a history of heart problems inform your physician beforehand.
While it is possible to consume alcohol, it is best to reduce alcohol consumption during the treatment period.
Do not use this medication if you are under the age of 18.




Before you begin this treatment, make sure to brief your physician about all the drugs that you are consuming. This includes prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications and herbal supplements.


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