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Generic Name: cefixime (sef IX eem)


Brand Name: Suprax


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Suprax contains cefixime which is cephalosporin antibiotic. Suprax can be acquired in portions of 400mg.


How It Works


One of the hallmarks of cephalosporin antibiotics is the ability to kill bacteria. It does so by affecting the cell walls of the bacteria. Suprax has this same effect. Bacteria rely quite heavily upon the cell walls to ensure the structure of the cell is maintained. The cell wall also safeguards the cell from substances that may not be required. Once Suprax has been introduced to the system, it impacts the cell wall and its ability to form bonds to complete this exterior ring. This causes a breakdown of the cell wall. This, in turn, results in the death of the bacteria.




Suprax can be employed to deal with varying strains of bacteria that are responsible for bacterial infections around the body.




As Suprax is an antibiotic, you will be required to get a medical consultation before proceeding with treatment. To ascertain that you will recover fully, you should follow all instructions that are provided to you by the physician. In particular, it is imperative that you do not stop taking Suprax in the middle of the therapy. Although the indications of the disease may have gone, some of the bacteria may remain. This could potentially cause the illness to present itself again.


When treating adults with Suprax, the most common measure is 400mg. This can be consumed either as a single dose or in two doses with a twelve hour break in between.


Children may be given Suprax in suspension form or as chewable tablets. They may also be given the regular tablet as well. The amount that they will receive will be established by the weight of the child.


Side Effects


The after effects of taking Suprax may present themselves as contradictory or discomforting symptoms. It is possible that these may arise:


Frequent eructing
Unusual levels of acid in the stomach
Distension in the stomach region
Gas in the intestine or stomach
Raised portions of the skin
Irritation or discomfort present in the genital area
Inflamed skin
Skin forming blisters or peeling
Gums bleeding more than usual
Observing blood in urine or in stools


Some of these issues will only prove to be minor inconveniences. Others however, may have a greater impact. If the discomfort continues, it is best to speak to a general practitioner.




The consumption of Suprax is inadvisable if you are sensitive to Suprax or any other cephalosporin.


To guarantee the safe ingestion of Suprax, you will be required to share the following details with relevant medical personnel:


Previously experienced negative responses to beta-lactam or penicillin antibiotic
Inflammation of or ailments associated with the bowels or digestive system
Bleeding or clotting conditions
Reduced function of the liver
Poor functioning of the kidneys
Have been prescribed anticoagulants
Have gotten or will get BCG vaccine or typhoid vaccine




During your initial interaction with a doctor, you should mention if you are either expecting or are breastfeeding. This will allow you to find out whether or not Suprax has been deemed safe for you as well as your child.


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