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Generic Name: tetracycline (TET tra SYE kleen)


Brand Names: Ala-Tet, Panmycin, Sumycin


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Tetracycline is a broad spectrum antibiotic. Tetracycline can be consumed in measures of 100mg, 250mg, and 500mg.


How It Works


Bacteria are able to multiply due to very specific processes. One of the more vital components of this duplication process is proteins. It is through this strategy, that the bacteria are able to increase in population and move to other regions of the body. Tetracycline is what is used to interrupt these important proteins. When they cannot be utilized for their intended function, the bacteria are unable to continue the division process. This means that the infection remains isolated. The immune response then takes over, eradicating the leftover entities.




Tetracycline has an incredibly broad reach in treating infections. It is mainly used for eye infections, rickettsial infections, sexually transmitted infections, skin infections, UTI, and infections of the respiratory tract.




As Tetracycline has multiple functions, it is often given in varying doses that are customized to the illness. A general practitioner will be able to provide a more streamlined treatment strategy reliant on the symptoms being exhibited.


For Tetracycline to be truly functional, treatment cannot be interrupted. This means that you are expected to take the Tetracycline for the intended duration. Not doing so could result in the continuation of the ailment.


For most medical issues, Tetracycline is given in 500mg doses for adults. This can be taken between two to four times a day. The overall duration of the Tetracycline treatment will be contingent upon the bacterial infection.


Tetracycline may be given to those are older than eight years. This can be between 25mg to 50mg per kilo. This is separated into four, equivalent quantities.


Side Effects


Depending on your reaction to Tetracycline, you may exhibit certain contradictory indicators. These can encompass:


Pain in lower abdomen
Loose stools
Vulvovaginal candidiasis
Skin becoming more sensitive to sunlight
Soreness of throat
Irritation or itching of genital region
Soreness of tongue
Inflammation in the oral cavity


You may find that many of these symptoms go away without any medical intervention at all. However, if certain indications continue to linger or even increase in severity, you should get call a specialist.



Tetracycline should not be consumed if:


You are allergic to tetracycline or have had an allergic reaction with a similar treatment
You are pregnant
You are nursing


If you have considerable kidney or liver failure, you may not be able to use tetracycline. In certain instances, however, it may be deemed safe in minute doses. It is important to tell your doctor about such conditions so that they can manipulate the dosage as such.


Due to the increased likelihood of being more sensitive to the sun, you should avoid UV light as much as possible. If you have to endure sun exposure, you should use the appropriate safeguards.


Calcium and iron supplements, multivitamins, antacids, and laxatives can limit the usefulness of Tetracycline if the substances are taken too close together.


Expired Tetracycline can be incredibly dangerous to your kidneys.




It is possible that birth control that relies upon hormonal intervention could be considerably less effective while taking Tetracycline.


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