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Generic Name: torsemide (TORE se mide)


Brand Name: Demadex, Demadex I.V.


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Torsemide is a loop diuretic which is also called a water pill. This medication is used to treat edema caused by excessive fluid in the body due to heart failure, and kidney and liver issues. Sometimes this is used to treat people who undergo conditions such as high blood pressure.


How It Works


Torsemide is basically designed to help reduce any excessive fluid and salt produced in the body. It is called an edema condition which creates different health issues. This medication stimulates the kidneys to remove higher quantities of electrolytes, specifically potassium salts, sodium and also water if present excessively. The medication alleviates conditions such as breathing difficulties, arm, leg or stomach swelling etc.


This may also be used to treat other health conditions either alone or together with other medicines when required.




Always make sure that you follow the medical advice properly when taking the dose. This can be taken orally with food or without. As it increases the necessity to urinate more often, try your best to take it before 6 so that you would not be disturbed while sleeping. When you start taking the medication, you should not eat Korean ginseng or licorice. Sometimes you may forget to take your dose on time. If you miss one, take it when you notice it. However if it is time for the next dose, skip the previous one.




Taking precautions is very important when it comes to drug usage. Each individual is different and some may experience side effects. Therefore the best solution is to be very careful before you swallow a drug. Here are certain important conditions to what you should pay attention and seek medical advise:


If you have any allergies to any of the ingredients of Torsemide
If you have difficulties in urinating
If you are under any herbal medication or dietary supplements
If you are an alcohol addict
If you are a diabetic patient
If you are expecting a baby or nursing a baby
If you currently experience any hearing difficulty
If you have heart, liver or kidney diseases


Apart from the above conditions, if you are taking certain medicines such as Aminoglycosides or cisplatin, you should be advised by a doctor as these medications could result in higher risks in hearing loss either temporary or permanently when interacted with torsemide.


Other medications such as Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or probenecid may also interact with torsemide which will result in lower effectiveness of the drug. Chloral hydrate, digitalis, lithium and suramin are some other medications will increase the side effects of torsemide.


Side Effects


When you start taking the drug you may go through any of the following side effects. Everyone does not witness the same side effects. However if the side effects are too difficult to manage, seek immediate medical care.


Mild Side Effects


Unusually increased urination
Unusual cough


Serious Side Effects


Adverse allergic symptoms include skin rashes, Itching, breathing difficulties, discomfort in the chest, mouth, lips, tongue swelling, etc.
Severe Diarrhea
Dryness in mouth and unusually increased thirst
High fever
Losing appetite
Muscle pain
Hearing difficulties
Skin color changes


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