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Generic Name: labetalol (la BAY ta lol)


Brand Name: Trandate


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Trandate is an oral medication which is designed to treat people who undergo high blood pressure. It is used either alone or with other medication such as diuretics as a combination. It could be recommended for other health conditions as decided by your medical advisor.


How It Works


Trandate medication works as an adrenergic receptor blocker. It helps reduce high blood pressure by obstructing both beta and alpha receptors in the body of the patient. In the process, the medication causes reduced action of particular natural chemicals produced in the body such as epinephrine on the heart and blood vessels. The outcome of the process is to lower the high blood pressure, heart rate and tension on the heart.




Initially, the dosage given to a normal adult is 100mg and the dose can be increased to 200mg per day after 14 days. Any Trandate dose given to the patient should be taken two times a day. However, the dose depends on the recommendation of your medical advisor and it may go up to a maximum level of 800mg per day. You should not decrease or increase the given dosage on your own decision as it may result in serious, harmful side effects.




As any medication may cause certain health conditions when it interacts with other conditions in your body or other medications that you use, it is better to contact your doctor and be well advised. In case you experience any of the following conditions, do not use Trandate or inform your medical advisor before using.


Being allergic to this medication might cause harmful outcomes in your body if you continue using it. So if you experience any allergy symptoms immediately contact your doctor. If you are an asthma patient or having difficulties with breathing, experiencing unusually low blood pressure or heart rate, you should discuss with your doctor before taking Trandate.


Some of the other instances where you should seek medical advises are, being pregnant or nursing a baby, taking any other medications including herbal medicine, being allergic to food or medications, being a diabetes patient, liver or kidney issues, experiencing a heart issue, having done a surgery recently or planning to get one done. Also, do not make any changes to the dosage without speaking to your physician.


Side Effects


Even though all medicines result in side effects, many people do not experience any of them or they just go through a few minor ones. However, if the side effects seem to be continuous for a long period or if you notice any serious conditions that are severe, immediately contact your medical advisor:


Mild Side Effects


Discomfort in nose
Difficulties in digesting
Temporary itchy scalp


Serious Side Effects


Allergy symptoms such as skin Itching, rashes, breathing discomfort, chest pain, Swelling on face, lips, mouth and tongue
Chest aching
Dark colored urine
Decreased sexual drive
Psychological issues
Swelling of the body
High fever
Continuous cough
Unusual weight gain
Severe abdominal pain
Yellowing of the eyes and skin
Blurred vision
Unusual bleeding
Severe tiredness
Pale stool


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