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Generic Name: triamterene (try AM teh reen)


Brand Names: Dyrenium


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Triamterene is a diuretic used to treat people who undergo fluid retention. It is also used to treat edema that is caused by congestive heart diseases, cirrhosis of liver or nephritic syndrome, a condition that occurs in the kidneys.


How It Works


The medication is a potassium sparing water pill and it helps preventing the body to absorb excessive amounts of salt and promotes maintenance of healthy potassium levels. This is a recommended medication for edema caused by steroid medicines or excessive amounts of aldosterone, which is a hormone that helps regulate the balance of water and salt. It is produced by the adrenal glands in the body.



The dosage of Triamterene given to a particular patient is usually decided by a medical advisor depending on his condition. Therefore the most appropriate thing is to follow the medical instructions properly.



When you are prescribed any medication, you may assume think that it is given by a professionally qualified doctor so there is no need to think twice to use it. Even though you are advised by a doctor, the doctor doesn’t know all the health conditions that you go through and specially your medical history. Therefore, you have a responsibility to make your doctor aware of the heath conditions you experience before taking any medication. So, if you take Triamterene, you should make sure that you discuss with your doctor if you have the following conditions.


If you are a kidney patient, if you have adverse liver issues, urinating difficulties or excessive levels of potassium in your body, if you are under potassium supplements or if you are taking any other diuretics, you should inform your doctor before taking the medicine.


You should avoid consuming alcohol, low-sodium dairy products and high amounts of salt while taking this drug. Consume a lot of water in hot weather conditions to avoid any dehydration. However follow the instructions of the doctor as higher amounts of liquid may also cause harmful effects. It is not verified that this medication harms an unborn baby, but for your safety you should inform your medical advisor if you are expecting or feeding a baby.


Side Effects


Side effects are quiet related to medications mainly because medicines may react resulting in different outcomes. There are two types of side effects namely minor side effects and serious side effects. Minor side effects are usually not very unsafe and can be managed whereas serious side effects are more harmful which could sometimes be life threatening. Therefore, if any of the minor side effects continues for a long time or if you observe any serious side effects, you should pursue proper medical advice:


Minor Side Effects


Dryness of Mouth

Serious Side Effects


Any indications of severe allergic reaction such as breathing issues, swelling on the face, lips or tongue, or chest pain
Unusual skin changes
Unusually increased or decreased heart beat
Yellowish eyes or skin
Indications of kidney stones such as painful urination, reduced urination, reddish or brownish urine, and back pain
Indications of low potassium including constipation, cramps in legs, unusual thirst and muscle pain


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