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Generic Name: fenofibrate (FEN oh FYE brate)


Brand Names: Antara, Fenoglide, Lipofen, Lofibra, TriCor, Triglide, Lipidil Micro, Dom-Fenofibrate, Lipidil Supra, Lipidil EZ


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Tricor is primarily consumed by individuals suffering from high cholesterol. The medication is also known as Fenofibrate in the medical industry.


How it works


There are natural substances in the body that break down fats in the food. Tricor works by increasing level of these substances or enzymes in the body. This way, it is able to break down the fat in the body more effectively.




This medication is mainly used to reduce the bad cholesterol in the body. It is also useful in decreasing the risk of pancreas disease. However, this medication is not useful in reducing the occurrence of strokes and heart attacks.




The Tricor dosage will be based on the uniqueness of your condition and the way you respond to the treatment. This medication must be taken, once a day, by mouth. It is not safe for you to switch between different brands of this medication since it can affect the effectiveness of the treatment. Since the medication comes in different types of capsules and tablets, make sure to consume the right amount of medication daily.


If you are taking other medications to lower your cholesterol, make sure to take Tricor at least one hour before. This way, you can prevent these medications from interacting with each other. Remember that other medications can slow down the absorption of Tricor. Therefore, it is essential for you to keep this time gap.


It is absolutely essential for you to follow your physician’s advice about diet and exercise. If you do not engage in these tasks, the treatment will not prove to be effective. Moreover, you must also stop smoking and reduce your alcohol consumption to experience good results.


Side effects


One of the common side effects of this medication is muscle problems. If you are experiencing unusual tiredness and muscle pain, you might be developing muscle problems. It is also possible for you to develop kidney problems too.


Some individuals are vulnerable to develop liver disease during the course of the treatment. If you experience jaundice, dark urine and severe abdominal pain, you need to be concerned. It is also possible for you to develop easy bruising and signs of infections.


If you experience any of these symptoms, make sure to contact your physician immediately. You must not take these side effects lightly since they can deteriorate into worse states.




The following are some compulsory precautions that you need to take during the course of the treatment.


Inform your healthcare provider if you are allergic to any of the ingredients used in the medication.
Speak to your physician if you have an alcohol problem.
Inform your physician if you have a preexisting liver disease.
Brief your pharmacist about the current medications and herbal supplements you might be taking.
Do not take this medication for longer than recommended.




It is best to avoid this medication during the period of pregnancy as it can adversely affect the unborn child’s health.


Although it is not proven that this medication can be passed on to an infant via breast milk, it is safe to avoid this drug when nursing your infant.


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