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Generic Name: oxcarbazepine (ox kar BAY zeh peen)


Brand Names: Oxtellar XR, Trileptal


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Trileptal belongs to the anticonvulsant group of drugs. It is a brand name of the generic drug Oxcarbazepine. It is available in strengths of 150 mg, 300 mg and 600 mg for oral administration.


How It Works


The function of Trileptal is wielded through the active ingredient Oxcarbazepine. Medical studies have not yet discovered how Trileptal functions exactly. But, it is understood that they obstruct the activity of sodium channels contingent on high voltage which in turn causes a calming effect in neural membranes. This process has a positive effect on restraining seizure activity in the brain. Unlike many anti-epileptic medications, Trileptal does not seem to have any connection with the activity of neurotransmitter receptors.




Trileptal is mainly used to treat and prevent seizures. Medicinal research indicates that Trileptal has mood-stabilizing properties and therefore, is used to treat people with Bi polar disorder along with a combination of other drugs.




Trileptal solution or tablets can be taken with or without meals. If you prefer to take the solution, make sure to shake it well before use. The solution should be discarded after 7 weeks of opening the bottle.


The usual adjunctive dose for adults range between 300 to 600 mg twice a day. The maximum daily dose should not exceed 1200 mg at any given condition. When converting to monotherapy, the treatment can be initiated with 600 mg per day. The dose should be increased by 300 mg in every 3 days.


The dose is administered for children above 6 years of age based on body weight. The pediatric adjunctive dose is 8 to 10 mg/kg to be given twice a day. The maintenance dose of Trileptal is usually reached in two weeks. Maintenance dose for children between 20- 29 kg is 900 mg per day. 1200 mg should be given to children between 29.1 to 30 kg in weight and children above 30 kg in weight are recommended a dose of 1800 mg per day.


Side Effects


It is normal if a patient develops side effects when taking Trileptal. Side effects seen mostly frequently in patients are:


Blurred vision
Involuntary rolling of eyes


Some rare side effects have also manifested in some patients. They are:


Acidic stomach
Increased thirst
Increased urination
Bloody nose
Change in sense of taste/bitter mouth


An allergy to Trileptal may cause skin rashes and swelling of lymph nodes.




Seek medical attention as soon as possible if you observe worsening side effects of Trileptal.


Some conditions your doctor should be aware of before prescribing this medicine are:


Liver disease
Kidney disease
History of seizures
Suicidal thoughts
Heart problems


Birth control pills will be less effective when Trileptal is taken. Make sure to use a different contraceptive method when taking this drug to prevent unwanted pregnancies.


Trileptal can cause dizziness and unconsciousness of surroundings. Be careful when working with machinery or sharp tools while taking this drug. If possible try to avoid working with such equipment at all.




Always get your doctor’s advice when taking Trileptal while you are pregnant. Misappropriation of this drug can harm your unborn baby.


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