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Generic Name: valacyclovir (val a SYE kloe veer)


Brand Names: Valtrex


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Valtrex is an antiviral medication that is tasked with eliminating certain strains of viruses. Valtrex is mostly composed of valacyclovir hydrochloride. It can be consumed in amounts of either 500mg or 1 gram.


How It Works


Once Valtrex has been consumed, valacyclovir breaks down into another form known as acyclovir. When acyclovir enters the viral cells responsible for a particular condition, it becomes more active. In particular, it prevents the action of an enzyme known as DNA polymerase. This enzyme is required by the viral cells if they are to proliferate and infect the rest of the body. When this action is inhibited, the virus cannot spread. The remnants of the virus are then eliminated by the body’s natural immune responses.




Valtrex can be taken to deal with a variety of different viral infections. It is largely involved with limiting the effects of the herpes virus, including shingles, genital herpes, and cold sores. In children, it can aid with cold sores and chicken pox.




The amount of Valtrex that needs to be taken differs according to the various viruses. This entails that you first be inspected by a general practitioner. Once the exact cause has been pinpointed, you will be provided with a relevant treatment plan. To deal with the problem effectively and quickly, you should only take the amount that you have been dictated to.


For children who have chickenpox and are between the ages of two and eighteen, the amount is 20mg per kilogram of weight. This should be taken three times a day. However, this should not be greater than one gram taken three times a day. This treatment should proceed for five days.


For children over the age of 12, with cold sores, the amount taken should be two grams, taken twice a day. The amounts should be taken twelve hours apart from one another. This should only be consumed for one day.


For adults with cold sores, they should take two grams of Valtrex, two times a day. Each dose should have an interval of twelve hours between them. This should be done for one day.


For adults suffering from genital herpes, the treatment is one gram taken twice a day. This can be taken for about 10 days.


For herpes zoster in adults, one gram, three times a day should be consumed. This should be continued for a week.


Side Effects


Some of the adverse issues that you may encounter with the consumption of Valtrex are:


Aches or pain all over the body
Congestion in the ear
Finding it difficult to move
Increased bleeding
Muscle stiffness
Loss of voice
Blocked nose
Discomfort in the throat
Discharge from nose
Changes in bowel movements


In the event that this conditions persevere, it is important to speak to a general practitioner.




Do not consume Valtrex if you are allergic to any of the constituents.


It is vital to tell a doctor if you have previously:


Been diagnosed with HIV
Have medical conditions that may weaken your immune system
Had a kidney transplant or bone marrow transplant


Valtrex may, on occasion, cause damage to your kidneys. This is why you should tell your medical specialist if you have previously had kidney issues. You should also mention any medications that you are taking to ensure that they, too, will not have a negative impact on your kidneys.




Speak to a medical expert before taking Valtrex if you are either with child or are breast feeding.


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