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Generic Name: cefpodoxime (SEF poe DOX eem)


Brand Name: Vantin


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Vantin is an antibiotic medication prescribed to treat a wide variety of bacterial infections in adults.


How It Works


Vantin is a trade name for cefpodoxime, which is a drug that belongs to a class of medications known as cephalosporin antibiotics. These drugs can kill infecting bacteria in the body, thus preventing the spread and persistence of infections. Cefpodoxime can attack bacteria and weaken the cell walls. Bacteria with cell walls cannot survive without it, so the infection is eventually cleared.




Vantin is prescribed to treat a variety of bacterial infections affecting the body, including but not limited to, urinary tract infections, strep throat, tonsillitis and bacterial sinusitis. Vantin is only very effective against Gram-positive bacteria. That is, bacteria with cell walls. You will need a different type of antibiotic to treat Gram-negative bacteria, or bacteria without cell walls.


Vantin can clear a mild to moderate bacterial infection in 5 to 7 days. It’s important to note that Vantin has no effect against viruses, which are very different physiologically to bacteria. Do not take Vantin to treat viral infections like the common cold, flu or virus-caused sinusitis.




Vantin should be taken by the mouth, usually in pill form. The dosage of the Vantin pills will be determined by a licensed physician. The doctor will take into account your current medical condition, type of infection, age and body weight before prescribing an appropriate dose.


You must follow your doctor’s prescription advice exactly for the infection to clear. Your doctor might start you on Vantin with a low dose to allow your body to get used to the drug. Then the dose may be gradually increased. Change the dose as instructed, not on whim.


Take Vantin for as long as the medication is prescribed, even if you start feeling better earlier. Antibiotics are usually prescribed for a day or two longer in order to ensure that the infection does not return.


Vantin must be taken twice a day, usually, within an interval of 12 hours. It’s important to space out these intervals evenly so there’s a consistent dosage of the drug present in your body at all times.


When taking Vantin tablets, you may take the pills with some food, unless your doctor tells you otherwise.


Side Effects


Vantin rarely causes severe side effects. It may, however, cause the following mild to moderate side effects in some patients?


Loose stools
Upset stomach
Severe skin allergies


Inform your physician if the above side effects continue to persist or gets worse.




Do not take Vantin if you are allergic to the medication, or is known to be allergic to similar antibiotics.


Some medications may react negatively with Vantin. Tell your doctor any other prescription or nonprescription medications you might be on currently and ask if Vantin is safe to take with them.


Vantin may not be safe to consume if you have a past history of certain medical conditions like kidney disease. Ask your doctor if Vantin is safe in your current medical condition.




You may need to monitor the red blood cell count when taking Vantin.


Do not skip doses. You may increase your risk for getting infected with a drug-resistant bacterial strain.


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