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Generic Name: mebendazole (me BEN da zole)


Brand Names: Vermox


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Vermox is a medication commonly used to treat worm infections in humans and animals.


How It Works


Vermox is a deworming pill. This drug contains an active ingredient known as mebendazole, an anthelmintic and an anti-parasite drug. Mebendazole can affect the physiology of parasitic worms by preventing the worms from synthesizing microtubules in the intestine. This, results in the worms being unable to absorb the glucose levels of the food they need to survive. The worms eventually become immobile, after which the parasites will be flushed out of the body.




Vermox can effectively treat infections caused by whipworms, pinworms, roundworms, and hookworm. Vermox can help the body heal even following infections by different types of worms.


Vermox is prescribed as a deworming pill to people and animals.



Dosage of Vermox should be followed as instructed in the packaging or advised by a medical doctor.


Dosage may vary depending on body weight and the severity of the infection.


The recommended maximum dosage of Vermox per adult is 100mg. Tablets can be taken with or without meals.


You can swallow the tablet, or crush, chew or break it to consume with food.


For routine deworming, usually one pill is enough per day. You may need to take multiple doses of Vermox to clear up severe infections.


Do not stop using Vermox prematurely. Doing so will cause the parasites to return. It’s important to stick to a schedule when taking Vermox.


In some cases, Vermox will be prescribed two weeks after the first dose to prevent a recurrence of a worm infection.


Use Vermox regularly according to schedule for the treatment to be effective. Read the instructions provided in the patient information leaflet before use.


Do not skip doses. The infection may come back with a resistance to antibiotics in a much harder way to treat. Vermox can be taken as long as for three weeks until the infection completely clears.


Side Effects


Vermox rarely causes side effects. However, the following side effects are associated with Vermox:


Stomach or abdominal pain


The occurrence of above side effects is uncommon. However, once they do occur, they should disappear on their own. If not, immediately report persistent or worsening side effects to your doctor.


Do not take higher doses of Vermox to reduce the prevalence of side effects.




Do not take Vermox is you know you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the drug.


Vermox is not recommended for use during pregnancy unless absolutely necessary. Vermox may pass through breast milk to a nursing child. Therefore, do not use this medication when nursing or planning to have a baby.


Vermox may not be safe to use if you have the following medical conditions: liver disease, low red blood cell count (anemia) or chronic intestinal problems such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.




When taking Vermox, wash your hands, especially under fingernails, thoroughly to prevent re-infection.


Your home may also need disinfecting to get rid of worm eggs that may reenter the body.


Do not use laxatives or diet to treat a worm infection. Such methods have no effect against parasites.


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