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Generically known as Diclofenac Sodium, Voveran is an anti-inflammatory, non-steroidal drug (NSAID) that can be used to treat pains, swellings (inflammations) and stiffness in the joints which are caused by arthritis.


How it works


Like many other NSAID medication, Diclofenac Sodium also works by preventing the production of certain enzymes that are responsible for causing inflammation and pain. When taken properly according to the prescribed amounts, it will reduce your symptoms and aid you in returning to your normal day-to-day activities. This drug will not reduce any sudden severe pains immediately as it tends to work slowly.




Apart from mainly treating the aches and pains caused by Arthritis, Voveran can be used for other painful conditions as well.




Other than when a special dosage is prescribed from a doctor, Diclofenac Sodium usually is taken by mouth with a glass of water (approximately 8 ounces of medicine per 240 milliliters of water). Avoid lying down at least for 10 minutes after using it. In order to avert stomach upsets from occurring, the medication should be taken with milk, food or an antacid. Make sure not to chew or crush it as doing so might escalate the risk of side effects. In order to avoid these unwanted effects, the medicine should be taken for the shortest possible time at the lowest effective dose. Regular use of Voveran, up to 2 weeks should grant you a full recovery from your condition. However, if the condition remains the same or if it worsens, the relevant medical personnel should be informed right away.


Side effects


The following severe side effects may rarely arise because of Voveran:


Hands/feet swelling (edema)
Changes in hearing (ringing in the ears)
Swallowing difficulties
Unexplained tiredness
Unusual weight gain


Side effects that are less severe include the following:


Stomach upsets


If any of the above mentioned side effects or any other effects that are not included in this list occur, make sure to get proper medical advice from you doctor/pharmacist immediately. This medication might increase your blood pressure, so do a regular checkup of your BP and inform your doctor if it is high.



Your medical practitioner should be consulted if you have any allergies to Diclofenac or its ingredients. If you have a medical history that involves heart disease, asthma, liver disease or high blood pressure, brief your physician before using this drug. As it might cause dizziness or drowsiness, avoid driving or using machinery while using the medication. If there is a change in the amount of urine, your doctor or pharmacist must be contacted as it might be caused due to a kidney problem. Plenty of fluids need to be taken with this medication in order to avoid such complications.




As there might be risks of miscarriage or troubles getting pregnant due to the use of Voveran, consult your physician about the benefits and risks before using it. This medicine should not be used in the first/last stages of pregnancy as it might cause problems in a normal delivery. Doctor(s) should be consulted before breast feeding too as its unclear if the drug is harmful to infants or not.


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