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Generic Name: latanoprost ophthalmic (la TAN oh prost)


Brand Names: Xalatan, Xalatan Multi-Pack


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Xalatan or Latanoprost (generic name) can be used for treating conditions that cause high pressure inside your eye. This may happen as a result of glaucoma (type: open angle) or any other form of eye diseases (like ocular hypertension).


How it works


Latanoprost comes as a slightly yellowish to colorless oil that is generally insoluble in water. But it can be soluble in substances like acetone, isopropanol, ethyl acetate, octanol or methanol. It works similarly to ‘prostaglandin’ (which is a natural chemical in the body), and lowers the pressure in the eye through the regulation of fluid flowing within the eye.




Xalatan can help you to increase the amount of fluid that usually drains from the eye which will result in the pressure in the eye to be reduced. This will ultimately help you to prevent any blindness that might occur due to high pressure within the eye.




Use it once daily, in the evening to the eye/eyes that are affected or as advised by your medical practitioner. Make sure not to increase the frequency that you use it as that might lead decreased effectiveness. In order to avoid contamination when using the eye drops, it is very important that your hands are washed thoroughly. Also, avoid touching the tip of the eye dropper or allowing it to make contact with the affected eye.


As contact lenses may absorb the preservatives in Xalatan, they should be removed before the medicine is used. Put them back on only after about 15 minutes of using the medicine. Follow these steps when applying the medication: First, your head should be tilted back (while looking upwards) and make a formation like a pouch by lowering your eyelid. Hold the dropper straight over the eye and apply the number of drops, according to the prescription. Finally, keep your eye gently closed for 1-2 minutes (while looking downwards).


You can stop the medication from draining out by applying gentle pressure to the inside corner of the eye via a finger. You should try to refrain from blinking or rubbing your eye. Avoid rinsing the dropper and remember to replace the cap after use.

Side effects


Long-term use of Latanoprost might cause the affected eye’s iris to change color, so you should schedule regular eye exams to monitor the situation. Severe side effects are unlikely to occur when using this but if the following do occur get medical attention right away.


Eye pain
Eye infections (redness or swelling of eyes)
Chest pain
Rapid vision changes (like vision loss)


More common effects might include:


Stinging/itching/burning of the eye
Blurred vision
Dry eye
Eyelid changes (darkening of the skin)
Increased light sensitivity
Flu-like symptoms


Notify your physician if these or any other effects not listed here occur or if they persist.




If you have certain eye conditions like Iritis or Uveitis that might cause a swelling process in your eye, your doctor/pharmacist should know about it before you use Xalatan. If your medical history includes eye problems like macular edema/ lens extraction or if you are allergic to any of the medication’s ingredients, he/she should be duly notified about that too.


Also, inform your doctor about any eye infection or injury that might arise when using this. It might be due to the current Xalatan bottle that you are using, so your doctor might advise you to use a new bottle.



Do not perform any activities that require clear vision as using this drug might temporarily blur your vision. Consult about the benefits/risks of it with your doctor, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.


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