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Generic Name: ranitidine (ra NI ti deen)


Brand Names: Taladine, Zantac


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Zantac is a medication prescribed to treat ulcers that occur in the stomach and intestines. This medication is also commonly known as Ranitidine.


How it works


Zantac belongs to a class of drugs known as H2 blockers. These medications work by decreasing the amount of acid produced by the stomach.




Zantac is mainly used to treat ulcers that occur in the intestines and stomach. They are also useful in preventing these ulcers form returning once they are healed. Zantac is prescribed to treat stomach and esophagus problems. It relieves certain symptoms of these conditions. These include persistent cough, stomach pain, heartburn and difficulty swallowing.




Zantac is taken by mouth, with or without food. It is generally taken once or twice a day. However, for certain conditions, the physician might prescribe up to four doses a day. If you are only taking this drug once a day, it is best to consume it in the evening or before bedtime.


The dosage and dose schedule will be determined according to your medical condition and treatment response. For children, the dosage will be based on weight. Remember that increasing the doses or taking the drug for longer than recommended will not enhance the effectiveness of the medication. This will only make you more vulnerable towards the side effects of the medication.


This medication must be consumed regularly in order to experience its best benefits. Taking the doses at the same time every day will prevent you from forgetting your doses. You must not make any changes to the dosage without consulting your physician. Also, do not stop the treatment earlier than recommended since it will prevent the ulcer from healing.


If your condition worsens or persists during the treatment period, do not hesitate to inform your physician immediately.

Side effects


Constipation, headaches and nausea are some side effects that you are most likely to experience during the treatment period.


The following are some severe side effects that you need to look out for during the course of the treatment.


Irregular heartbeats
Blurred vision
Enlarged breasts
Mood changes
Easy bleeding
Abdominal pain
Yellowing eyes


If you experience such serious implications, inform your healthcare provider as soon as possible.




The best way to reduce the likelihood of possible side effects is to follow the precautionary methods mentioned below.


Inform your physician if you are allergic to H2 blockers.
Inform your healthcare provider if you have suffered from liver problems or lung diseases in the past.
Do not give this medication to children under the age of 12.
Be careful when giving this drug to senior citizens since they are more susceptible to develop certain side effects such as confusion.
Inform your pharmacist about all the medications that you are currently taking. This includes prescription drugs, nonprescription drugs and herbal supplements.




When using Zantac during the period of pregnancy, be mindful of the doses. You must only consume this medication when it is absolutely necessary. Do not overuse this medication during this period.


Since this drug can be passed onto infants via breast milk, it is important to speak to a doctor and discuss the risks and benefits well ahead.


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