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Generic Name: bisoprolol (BIS oh PROE lol)


Brand Names: Zebeta


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Zebeta is a trade name bisoprolol, an antihypertensive medication prescribed to treat high blood pressure.


How It Works


Zebeta belongs to a class of drugs known as synthetic beta blockers. Beta blockers inhibit the effects of adrenaline in the heart and sometimes in the kidney. Adrenaline can cause the heart to beat faster, leading to conditions like elevated blood pressure. By blocking the effects of adrenaline, Zebeta can cause the heart to pump blood slower, and reduce blood pressure.




Zebeta is mainly prescribed to treat high blood pressure. Zebeta is sometimes prescribed to treat certain abnormalities in heart rate or rhythm. By relieving high blood pressure, Zebeta can reduce the risk for heart attack or heart failure, and kidney failure in diabetic patients.




Dosage of Zebeta varies from patient to patient. Your doctor will prescribe you the correct dosage of Zebeta.


Take Zebeta exactly as prescribed by your doctor. Also read the detailed dosage instructions in the patient information leaflet provided with the package.


You must take Zebeta orally, usually once per day or as your doctor recommends. You can take Zebeta with or without food, or as otherwise instructed by your doctor.


Take Zebeta the same time each day to help you remember doses. Do not miss doses of Zebeta. If you miss a dose, take it right away if the time for the next dose is not close. Never take two doses of Zebeta at once.


Strictly follow the prescribed dosage schedule for the treatment to be effective, even if you don’t physically feel any different. Patients with high blood pressure often do not feel sick. You may not feel the effects of the drug right away; therefore you must take this medication regularly without pause.


You may be required to monitor your blood pressure levels when taking Zebeta. Tell your doctor if blood pressure remains high more than a day after taking Zebeta.

Side Effects


Zebeta may result in any of the following side effects:


Slow heartbeat
Cold hands and feet (because the drug can reduce blood flow to limbs)


Tell your doctor right away if side effects do not disappear or gets progressively worse.


If you are taking Zebeta for a condition other than high blood pressure, you may experience side effects other than the ones listed above.




Do not take Zebeta if you are allergic to this medication or other similar hypertension drugs.


Do not take Zebeta if you are pregnant without consulting with a doctor first. Zebeta may not be safe to use if you are breastfeeding or are planning to get pregnant.


Zebeta may not be safe to use if you have certain conditions of the heart such as AV block, slow heartbeat, or have experienced severe heart failure.


Zebeta may not be safe to use with the following medical conditions: kidney disease, liver disease, breathing problems (like asthma or emphysema), blood circulation problems (such as Raynaud’s disease), hyperthyroidism, muscle diseases like myasthenia gravis, allergic reactions that require epinephrine treatment, or mood disorders like depression.




Do not drive or operate heavy machinery if taking Zebeta causes you to be dizzy.


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