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Generic Name: cetirizine (se TIR a zeen)


Brand Names: All Day Allergy, Indoor/Outdoor Allergy Relief, Zyrtec


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Zyrtec belongs to a classification of medications considered to be antihistamines. The primary constituent of Zyrtec is cetirizine hydrochloride. Zyrtec tablets are produced in quantities of 10mg.


How It Works


Histamines are an active part of the immune system. Their role is to find other cells with histamine receptors and attach, eliciting a particular response. This is what occurs when unfamiliar entities enter the body. Some of these bodies are known as antigens, they trigger an allergic reaction. Some of the consequences of such an outcome includes sneezing, the presence of hives on the skin, runny nose, and other symptoms. Zyrtec, as an antihistamine, counteracts this development. It stops the interaction between the histamines and the receptors.




Zyrtec works to minimize the effects of a hypersensitive response. It can help to minimize the nasal symptoms as well as the irritation, inflammation, and swelling caused on the skin.




Zyrtec can be a powerful form of treatment against increased sensitivity. Therefore, it is best to first get the approval of a doctor before consuming Zyrtec. Depending on the indicators that you may be exhibiting, you may be required to take a specific amount of Zyrtec. After being provided with the relevant instructions, it is vital that you do not deter from these directions. Do not change the dosage unless you have first discussed it with a doctor.


If the symptoms are not severe, it is best to start with about 5mg of Zyrtec. If the problem persists of it the indicators are quite comprehensive, the physician may prescribe 10mg. This should be taken just once a day.


Avoid taking more than a single tablet of Zyrtec within the span of twenty four hours.


It is important to ask a physician if Zyrtec is safe for young children or for elderly individuals.


Side Effects


There may be some additional medical issues that may arise when consuming Zyrtec. Some of the problems you may observe include:


A greater need to sleep
Dryness in the oral cavity
Inability to sleep for long periods of time
Sore throat
Stomach discomfort


These adverse effects may reduce or go away after a short period of time. If you continue to experience discomfort or unfortunate consequences, speak with a clinician.




Zyrtec should not be taken by those who are allergic to the main component or any of the other constituents.


If you notice that you are experiencing dizziness or lack of coordination, avoid driving or conducting activities that require concentration or dexterity.


Avoid drinking alcohol when taking Zyrtec. You may find that the drowsiness increases when these two substances are combined.


It is important to speak to your physician about any other drugs, in particular cold medication, which you may be consuming. This could increase the probability of experiencing certain contraindications associated with Zyrtec.




It is unlikely that Zyrtec could prove to be harmful to a fetus. Nonetheless, if you are pregnant, it is best to discuss the situation with a physician.


Zyrtec could be passed to an infant via breast milk. You should tell a clinician if you are planning on nursing your child.


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