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Generic Name: linezolid (oral/injection) (lin EZ oh lid)


Brand Names: Zyvox


Where to buy Zyvox Online?




Zyvon contains the vital component linezolid. Linezolid is a part of antibiotics that have been labeled oxazolidinones. Zyvox is typically consumed in amounts of 600mg.


How It Works


Proteins are the components that are largely responsible for bacteria’s ability to multiply and spread. What linezolid does is to prevent this is to interrupt the proteins facility to carry out such a process. The bacteria is then unable to proliferate and to cause the infection to be more widespread. The bacteria that is left behind is consumed by the immune response activated by the body. Linezolid targets a very specific type of bacteria known as Gram positive bacteria. Moreover, however, linezolid attacks bacteria that has been determined to be resistant to most other types of antibiotics.




Pneumonia and complex skin and soft tissue infections are what Zyvox is usually prescribed to treat.




Zyvox is only prescribed for very specific instances. Consequently, you will need to be looked over by a medical practitioner in order to be given Zyvox. You should be careful about taking Zyvox for the period of time that has been stated as being appropriate by a general practitioner. Not taking Zyvox for the necessary duration could cause repercussions such as reemergence of the original condition.


For pediatric individuals who are suffering from various issues, 10mg per kilo may be given every eight hours. The duration may be adjusted from around 10 days to three weeks.


Adults with similar issues are expected to consume 400mg to 600mg of Zyvox. This may be taken for about 10 days to three weeks as well.

Side Effects


Some of the more common adverse reactions of taking Zyvox may include issues with certain components of the blood. For instance, you may notice that there is a reduced levels of hemoglobin and platelets in the blood. Anemia could present itself as a result. Some of the other issues may be:


Presence of unpleasant aftertaste in the mouth
Various problems with your skin
Irritation or itching, especially around the genitals
Discomfort in the limbs
Lack of sleep
Unpleasant sensations during sex
Soreness of the mouth or the tongue
Loss of consciousness
Quickened heartbeat


If any of these issues pose a threat or are concerning, visit a physician as quickly as possible.




Instances when use of Zyvox could prove to be hazardous:


Allergy to Zyvox
Recently used an MAO inhibitor
High blood pressure that is not currently being treated
Tumors, especially of the adrenal gland
Overactive thyroid


Relevant medical information that should be shared includes:


Current prescription of:
ADHD medication
Medications for glaucoma
Treatments for Parkinson’s disease
St. John’s wort
Weakened immune system or problems with bone marrow
Using catheter
Kidney disease or liver problems



For women who are pregnant or would like to begin breast feeding, it is imperative that you first consult a general practitioner. You will need to know if Zyvox will be safe under such conditions.


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